Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner

Advanced Mac Cleaner is a dangerous piece of software. This type of software is considered to be potentially very dangerous and Advanced Mac Cleaner is certainly one to be removed as soon as possible.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner Sample

Many people consider Advanced Mac Cleaner a virus, since they cannot remember installing it themselves and it keeps pestering them with offers and pop-ups. This does not make Advanced Mac Cleaner a virus, as the program has not been known to actually cause any problems to the computer. Nevertheless quite a few people want to have it removed and sending it to the trash is usually not enough. This is also the reason why we’ve created this article.

The Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner is considered a malicious program. PUP like Advanced Mac Cleaner is tied to a myriad of security problems, the most dangerous one being a potential ransomware infection.

There’s a term among the IT community for such software – PUP. The abbreviation stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. In the case of Advanced Mac Cleaner this means that some people like and use the program, others would rather have it removed. Obviously, this is a program that is distributed among Mac computers and Windows users should not have any problem with it. Formally, the Advanced Mac Cleaner (AMC for short) is supposed to help you boost your computer’s performance by fixing and repairing any system errors that may slow down your machine. Mac optimization software is often regarded to be of dubious value, as Mac OS X tends to be a lot less problematic than its Windows counterpart. There are multiple other programs that offer functionality similar to the Advanced Mac Cleaner, but little clear indication if any of these products are worth purchasing. In the specific case of Advanced Mac Cleaner there are a couple of issues that have caused the program to receive poor reviews and online feedback

What is Advanced Mac Cleaner?

According to researchers Advanced Mac Cleaner is a PUP. A threat such as Advanced Mac Cleaner is considered quite serious and should be regarded as a high priority risk.

  • Advanced Mac Cleaner uses aggressive marketing, which might involve warnings and threateningly-sounding prompts, even if everything may be OK. This kind of distribution strategy is nothing knew in this market and is employed by other companies, which offer similar products. Whether Advanced Mac Cleaner is better then the competition is a debatable topic. The fact remains, however, that the marketing tricks employed often aggravate the common user.
  • The second aspect is the program’s habit of installing alongside other software. This is also the reason people complain of having Advanced Mac Cleaner on their Macs without installing it themselves. Often all it takes is a moment of carelessness to automatically agree with the installation of AMC. We understand the need to reach as many potential clients as possible, but people that do not want Advanced Mac Cleaner should not have to go through the trouble of finding how to remove it!

Another aspect of Advanced Mac Cleaner we found annoying was the hassle you need to go through in order to uninstall the program. Most Mac programs can be sent to the trash and therefore easily uninstalled. You won’t be able to do the same with Advanced Mac Cleaner. The official method will require you to go to the Advanced Mac Cleaner help page and download a special uninstaller needed to remove the program. Also you’ll be asked to input the password of your administrator account in order to finish the operation.

In case you don’t want to use the official method or if it didn’t work for you for some reason here is an alternative solution instead.


Name Advanced Mac Cleaner
Type PUP
Danger Level Low (Won’t damage your computer but may use a lot of its system resources and carry out different processes without your permission)
Symptoms Slow-downs of your computer’s performance, frequent malware warnings that may be false positives, installation of new apps without your permission, annoying pop-ups on your screen, etc.
Distribution Method Through the official site, and via software bundles.
Detection Tool

Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

The first thing you need to do is to Quit Safari (if it is opened). If you have trouble closing it normally, you may need to Force Quit Safari:

You can choose the Apple menu and click on Force Quit.

Alternatively you can simultaneously press (the Command key situated next to the space bar), Option (the key right next to it) and Escape (the key located at the upper left corner of your keyboard).

If you have done it right a dialog box titled Force Quit Applications will open up.

In this new dialog window select Safari, then press the Force Quit button, then confirm with Force Quit again.

Close the dialog box/window.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus


Start Activity Monitor by opening up Finder, then proceed to Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Once there, look at all the processes: if you believe any of them are hijacking your results, or are part of the problem, highlight the process with your mouse, then click the “i” button at the top. This will open up the following box:

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Now click on Sample at the bottom:

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Do this for all processes you believe are part of the threat, and run any suspicious files in our online virus scanner, then delete the malicious files:

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus
Drag and Drop Files Here to Scan
Maximum file size: 128MB.

This scanner is free and will always remain free for our website's users. You can find its full-page version at:

Scan Results

Virus Scanner Result
Advanced Mac Cleaner VirusClamAV
Advanced Mac Cleaner VirusAVG AV
Advanced Mac Cleaner VirusMaldet

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

The next step is to safely launch Safari again. Press and hold the Shift key while relaunching Safari. This will prevent Safari’s previously opened pages from loading again. Once Safari is opened up, you can release the Shift key.

On the off chance that you are still having trouble with scripts interrupting the closing of unwanted pages in Safari, you may need to take some additional measures.

First, Force Quit Safari again.

Now if you are using a Wi-Fi connection turn it off by selecting Wi-Fi off in you Mac’s Menu. If you are using a cable internet (Ethernet connection), disconnect the Ethernet cable.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Re-Launch Safari but don’t forget to press and hold the Shift button while doing it, so no previous pages can be opened up. Now, Click on Preferences in the Safari menu,

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

and then again on the Extensions tab,

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Select and Uninstall any extensions that you don’t recognize by clicking on the Uninstall button. If you are not sure and don’t want to take any risks you can safely uninstall all extensions, none are required for normal system operation.
Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

The threat has likely infected all of your browsers. The instructions below need to be applied for all browsers you are using.

Again select Preferences in the Safari Menu, but this time click on the Privacy tab,
Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Now click on Remove All Website Data, confirm with Remove Now. Keep in mind that after you do this all stored website data will be deleted. You will need to sign-in again for all websites that require any form of authentication.

Still in the Preferences menu, hit the General tab

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Check if your Homepage is the one you have selected, if not change it to whatever you prefer.
Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Select the History menu this time, and click on Clear History. This way you will prevent accidentally opening a problematic web page again.


  1.  Next, you will need to turn off the program and disable its process from the Activity Monitor.
  2.  Secondly, you will have to remove the program from your login items. That way it will no longer start when you turn on your Mac or simply login.
  3.  The previous two steps will stop the program from operating but we still advise you to outright remove it, even if it is no longer active in any way. This is probably the most annoying and time consuming part. Removing the app from your Applications folder and dragging AMC to Trash most likely won’t be enough (though you should still do that). You will probably also need to access several other folders and delete some of their contents. Here’s a list of those folders and their files and sub-folders that you’ll need to move to delete.

~/Library Folder – Advanced Mac Cleaner; hlpramc

~/Library/Logs – Advanced Mac Cleaner.log; helperamc.log

~/Library/Application Support – Advanced Mac Cleaner; amc

~/Library/Caches – com.pcv.hlpramc; com.PCvark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner

~/Library/Saved Application State – com.PCvark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner.savedState

~/Library/Preferences – com.pcv.hlpramc.plist; com.PCvark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner.plist

~/Library/LaunchAgents – com.pcv.hlpramc.plist; com.PCvark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner.plist

After you finish deleting, make sure that you empty Trash. This should be enough to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner from your PC.


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  • Hi fiddler,
    you should remove Advannce Mac Cleaner. It comes with bundles. The OS of Mac is very effective so you don’t need third party programs.

  • You might have installed another app that had the Mac Cleaner bundled with it. The name you should be looking for in the Activity Monitor might not be “Advanced Mac Cleaner” but something entirely else. You should generally be able to identify if there’s any shady entry there and have it removed. Such unwanted programs are often known to hide themselves under different names.

  • Anything with a shady name or description that looks odd. If you want, you can send us a screenshot of the Activity Monitor and we will try to tell you if there’s anything potentially unwanted there.

  • Sir, please provide reassurance the methodology recommended above is safe and not another bogus message from an interested party. I do have advanced Mac Cleaner on a six year old 21″ Mac and would like to remove it. I need advice verifiably from Apple!!

    • The instructions from this article’s guide are legitimate in case that’s what you are asking us about. However, you need to be careful while following the steps so that you don’t accidentally do something you aren’t supposed to and cause additional problems to your system in this way.

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