Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard


AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard Overview:

AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard is classified as malware, its type – an adware. This type of malicious software is some really nasty business. It basically hijacks your browser and displays advertisements all over the place. It may also potentially remove your selected home page and your search engine, and in both cases, replace them with whatever the malware creator chose. Which is usually something where the display results that aren’t quite impartial, meaning that whatever you search for, you’ll get some websites promoted by the virus, even if they have no clear relation to what you were searching for. The reason for this behavior is that AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard redirects your searches and not only are you not going to the website you wanted to but more importantly you will end up somewhere you have no interest at being at all. Even if you type in the website’s URL by yourself you will be sent elsewhere.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

The important thing to remember here is that you have to try to avoid as best as possible clicking on any links and pop ups you might encounter after you’ve been redirected. Unless of course you feel like inviting more trouble. If you accidently do click on any such links or pop ups immediately bring out the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and try stopping any suspicious processes taking place. They usually have the same name as the installer (e.g. AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard )

Other side effects of the virus might include but are not limited to: higher CPU load, increase in the web pages’ loading times, general slowing down and lagging of your computer.

Even if you don’t know what a browser hijacker exactly does, you had probably already deducted it can’t be any good for your computer’s health.

How to avoid AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard (And Other Malware)

You might be wondering how did you get this? There are different ways in which you might have been tricked into installing this nastiness. Browser hijackers typically come in together with other software – it might be a program, an app, a tool for your browser etc. Most often it will be a free software and the unwanted guest will come up during the installation process and will even ask for your permission to be installed on your computer. The important thing here is realizing you should always check what exactly you are going to install on your PC before hitting that lovely ACCEPT  or NEXT button.

Another way, though less likely, would be through fake downloads, spam e-mail links and the sort. You should always look out for those and not click on anything that you don’t know where it will lead to.

The longer AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard remains on your PC the better the chances are it will get your computer exposed to more of its friends and relatives and respectively your PC will get infected even worse. You need to act swiftly and decisively.

How to Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

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(Works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1)

Hold Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizardand R together. Write appwiz.cpl  in the new field, then click OK.

 Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

This, right here, is the Control Panel.

Search around for AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard and anything else suspicious-looking. Be careful, but not too much – malware sometimes choose different names to confuse you, so take note of anything recently added that seems like a virus to you.  Highlight  and  Uninstall these.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

   STEP 2:

  AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard has infected ALL of your browsers. Apply the steps separately for each of them.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard  For Internet Explorer Users:

Open IE, then click  Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard —–> Manage Add-ons.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

Find AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard . Disable it.

If your Home Page is different from the usual, click Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard —–Internet Options>edit the URL box, type whatever you want, then click Apply.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard  For Mozilla Firefox Users:

Open Firefoxclick on Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard (top right) ——-> Add-ons.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard.

Hit Extensions next.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

The virus should be somewhere around here –  Remove it.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard For Google Chrome Users

 Start Chrome, click Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard —–>More Tools —–Extensions.


Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

In  Extensions,  click AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard and  select  Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

The  click Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard   for the second time, and proceed to Settings —> Search (the fourth tab), select Manage Search Engines. In there, you should remove anything but the search engines you normally use(probably Google).

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard For Safari Users:

Open Safari, and click Safari —–>Preferences —–Extensions

Find  AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard  then Uninstall.


STEP 3 (Optional)

This step to remove the virus is completely optional. You need to do this only in the case when the steps up until now were not enough to make your troubles go away. If they WERE enough:

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  • You may also want to check out Step 4 – we’ve prepared a short guide for optimizing PCs after a malware has been removed

  • If you were not successful, then continue reading.

Remove AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard

STEP 4 (Optional)

If you’ve reached this step, then well done for removing AnyWhereAccess Setup Wizard . We’ve prepared a short and sweet optimization guide, specifically designed for users who just removed a virus. It is completely free, you do not need to download anything, and it’s not very time consuming. If you are interested you can check it out here.


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