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Apple Wants to Make Changes

A never-ending stream of pop-ups, banners, ads and unexpected page-redirects is expecting you if an application like “Apple Wants to Make Changes” gets inside your Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser and alters its settings. Such annoying and irritating activities are common for applications from the browser hijacking type and it seems that “Apple Wants to Make Changes” is yet another representative of this software group. This piece of software may force your default browser to generate an enormous amount of sponsored commercial messages, pay-per-click ads and various annoying blinking boxes during each browsing session. It may also change your search engine or homepage/new tab page preferences and initiate unexpected page-redirects to web locations that you never had the intention of visiting. Basically, having a browser hijacker like “Apple Wants to Make Changes” on your PC may be very unpleasant and that’s why, in the next lines, we will give you instructions on how to remove it and uninstall all of its changes. Luckily, dealing with it is not as difficult as dealing with a Trojan horse or a Ransomware virus which is why, if you follow the steps in the Removal guide that our team has prepared for you below, you will most probably be able to rid yourself of the pesky app without any problems. Still, if you are not confident that you’d be able to follow the manual instructions, there is a professional “Apple Wants to Make Changes” removal tool for your convenience added to the guide which you can use instead of the manual instructions. It can detect and uninstall “Apple Wants to Make Changes” automatically and thus clean your system.

The Apple Wants to Make Changes Pop Up

The “Apple Wants to Make Changes” Pop Up is a fake alert which aims to trick users into revealing their login credentials. The social engineering scam claims that “Apple Wants to Make Changes” to your OSX.

Apple wants to make changes Pop Up

Apple Wants to Make Changes Pop up

There is a common confusion among most of the web users about the danger level of the browser hijackers. Some people refer to them as viruses because they cannot recall how they have been “infected”, while others fear that these applications are similar to nasty threats such as Trojans, Spyware or Ransomware. Fortunately, hijacker aren’t really an actual form of malware and are usually incapable of directly threatening the safety of your machine.  

The Apple Wants to Make Changes Virus

The “Apple Wants to Make Changes” Virus is a pop up scam designed to trick the user by fabricating a fake alert. Supposedly coming from the Apple front this is just a social engineering scam and it not to be believed.

Apple wants to make changes virus

The Apple Wants to Make Changes virus

The Internet is full of ad-generating and page-redirecting applications like “Apple Wants to Make Changes” which may try to alter the settings of your favorite browser and make it display hundreds of sponsored messages. Generally, these applications are known as Browser hijackers because of their ability to install some new tools, toolbars, homepages, search engines and other add-ons inside your browsing programs without the your approval. The majority of the hijackers are actually quite harmless. They do not replicate as viruses, cannot infect you in a stealthy way like Trojans or Ransomware and are typically not supposed to inflict any damage on your system. Still, more often than not, the browser hijackers end up being referred to as potentially unwanted applications because their activities may cause some serious browsing disturbance to most users.

For instance, an application like “Apple Wants to Make Changes” may not only add some potentially undesired components to your favorite browser, but it may also automatically redirect you to various unfamiliar advertising sites full of pop-ups, nagging banners, and blinking boxes. With this activity, the hijacker tries to generate traffic and exposure for certain products, services or web pages which are usually promoted through Pay-Per-Click adverts or sponsored ads positioning. As you can see, this is nothing more than an aggressive online advertising. However, this advertising oftentimes results in annoyed web users who want to have this software uninstalled and all of its nagging ads removed.

Apple Wants to Make Changes on Mac

“Apple Wants to Make Changes” is a form of unwanted browser extension programmed to generate ads in macOS browsers. To complete its task, “Apple Wants to Make Changes” will install helper elements in the infected browser such as a new search engine or new toolbar buttons.

First of all, in most of the cases, people actually unknowingly agree to the installation of applications like “Apple Wants to Make Changes” on their computers. This usually happens when they try to install a software bundle, the setup of which contains the hijacker as an optional or additional component. Due to a lack of attention during the installation process, the user might not see the options which allow for customization of the setup configuration. This way, the hijacker gets installed on the system by default and starts to operate. But all in all, its presence on the system is not fatal and can easily be prevented. Neither “Apple Wants to Make Changes” nor most other applications of this kind can involve you in criminal activities, steal your data, encrypt your files or crash your OS. Exposing you to different irrelevant or unreliable pay-per-click ads, pop-ups and sponsored pages, however, is a reason good enough for most people to get rid of this software. That’s why, in order to avoid such unpleasant apps in the future, we advise you to always pay attention to the setup manager of every software that you install on your PC. Opt for the Advanced/Custom/Manual options instead of the Standard/Quick ones and remove any pre-selected checkmarks to applications that you may not want. Also, keep away from different free download links, spam emails, ads, and pop-ups which prompt you to try new software for free or install new add-ons. Finally, use the Removal guide below or the professional “Apple Wants to Make Changes” removal tool to deal with the unwanted hijacker and leave us a comment if you need some additional assistance.


Name Apple Wants to Make Changes
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Apple Wants to Make Changes Pop up

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning.
You can find the removal guide here.
For mobile devices refer to these guides instead: Android, iPhone


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