Have you recently been getting different annoying ads, pop-up messages, banners and automatic page-redirects on your browser’s screen when you start surfing the Internet? Are these constant pop-ups interfering with your browsing sessions and landing you on sites that you never wanted to visit? If yes, then most probably your computer has been invaded by a browser hijacker like and you may need to remove it in order to get rid of its annoying ad-generating and page-redirecting behavior.

Now, the browser hijackers are not identical to computer viruses and do not have malicious code which can harm your system. They are, technically, incapable of corrupting your data or encrypting it like a Ransomware virus, nor are they able to steal your passwords and sensitive details like a Trojan horse. However, such applications are classified as potentially unwanted due to some other rather invasive and irritating activities they can perform. Typically, when your Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or another browser gets taken over by a browser hijacker like, it will begin to continuously display various promotional messages, which may prompt you to click on some ads, links, and offers, to download some software or to purchase some products. Very often, the hijacker may also replace your current homepage domain or search engine tool with a sponsored one and may install some additional toolbars and add-ons on your main browser without asking for approval. This is normally done with marketing purposes and aims to make you use certain sponsored tools, interact with certain pay-per-click ads and to land you on promoted websites. However, many users who have an application like on their system complain that they face problems browsing the web normally and are extremely irritated by the constant ad interruptions, the unwanted browser changes and automatic page-redirects. That’s why they seek effective methods to uninstall the annoying software and get their browser settings back to normal. If you are one of those users, in the next paragraphs you will find a detailed removal guide and a professional removal tool which can help you safely deal with and revoke its changes.


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Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.


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