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This is an article directed at the removal of BigGameCountdown. If your computer has been infected by this virus then you should keep reading – it is important to go in deep and remove all traces of the virus from your machine, otherwise it will regenerate and greet you the next time you restart your computer. Besides the removal guide there is another important thing we’ll try to teach you – how BigGameCountdown got into your computer and the tricks it and its Adware buddies use to gain access. Learning to recognize these viruses before they get into your machine is the best possible defense you can have against them – short of owning an anti-malware program.


Adware like BigGameCountdown – how they operate and what to do when you see the ads

You’ve probably guessed it – BigGameCountdown is named Adware because it generates ads. As you can see they can take many shapes and forms, but ultimately it’s 3 goals they’ll try to achieve:

  1. Trick you into spending money for a fake non-existing product.
  2. Install adware or malware on your computer should you download something.
  3. Or just waste your time redirecting you to fake sites.

So the best course of action while dealing with the Ads spawned from BigGameCountdown is to ignore them. Closing the windows will help, temporarily, but they will be back unless you remove the virus.

IMPORTANT! Bedies the usual ads you may be seeing several other things that try to look more legitimate then the rest of the bullshit. Things like

  • Messages requesting a missing plug-in to be installed.
  • An empty player that wants some program downloaded before it will run.
  • An offer to download free software. Existing Anti-virus program names are commonly used as bait!
  • Getting an update for an “outdated” program you have – like Java or Flash.

Of course, all of these are viruses. What you may be looking at is likely the most commonly used way for things like BigGameCountdown to spread around. Besides BigGameCountdown you may also find similar messages on many sites around the web. These things are a very clear indication that a site is unsafe and you should get out as soon as possible.

.Exe files – the importance of spotting them before it’s too late

Viruses like BigGameCountdown are almost exclusively contained in .exe files. For this reason whenever you are about to open and install such a file you should ask yourself – “Is this safe?”. If you have obtained this file from the site of the official developer then the answer is a definite “Yes”. All other options vary between “Maybe” and “HELL NO”. Play it safe – always go with the official site. In addition pay attention if the file should really be an .exe. A movie file, for example, might end with many extensions, but it will never be an .exe.


Name BigGameCountdown 
Type Browser Redirect
Detection Tool

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Remove BigGameCountdown

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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