Have you been infected by a redirect towards This article includes removal instructions that work with all versions of Windows.

bing vc redirect is a virus known to belong to the browser hijacker family as viruses and as such it can be a royal pain in the ass. browser hijacker are characterized by several “features” and you may recognize some of them thanks to

  1. Whenever you open a new page or tab on your internet browser an Ad, Banner or entirely new page filled with advertisements pops up.
  2. Banners are directly injected over content of sites you visit.
  3. Random keywords of text read by you are turned into hyperlinks leading to advertisements if you hover the mouse or click over them,
  4. Rarely other programs and add-ons may be installer like toolbars and search engines.

You need to get rid of fast. The constant Ad creation will slow down your computer, because of the resources needed to render them. They can also leech bandwidth when they are getting downloaded.

Possible dangers for your computer while you have installed

Compared to other virus types browser hijackers are not that dangerous, but that doesn’t mean they should be underestimated. Fortunately there are really only two things that you should never do in order to minimize the risk.

  1. Don’t click on the Ads
  2. Never download and install anything off the Ads

There is a good chance that any site the hyperlinks of the Ads take you to will be a fake. Some may look exactly like the real sites they try to emulate – they copy the design of the site and the url name will be very similar to the url of the real site that is getting impersonated, with only maybe one or two characters in difference. If you ever make the mistake of paying any amount of money on such a fraudulent site you’ll quickly discover you have been robbed. Any file you get will almost certainly be a virus that will try to run another money grabbing scheme on you.

It’s possible that the Ads may offer you all kinds of free stuff to download. Don’t trust them. One of the main tricks used by viruses to replicate around the web is via browser hijackers like ANYTHING you download can be a virus, probably even a very dangerous one to boot.

Watch out for browser hijacker bundled with other programs

Some programs offer additional demo/trial versions of other programs upon installation. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of a legit program inside might be hiding an browser hijacker virus. This is more likely to happen if the original program is freeware. This is one of the most likely scenarios might have used to come in. The default installation always installs everything so avoid using it, go Advanced. It might look more complicated, but in reality if you just click “Next” a couple of times you will get exactly the same result as with default. The bonus is that you can see and control what additional programs are getting installed and you can (and should) deny all unnecessary extras.


Type Browser Redirect
Detection Tool

Remove Redirect

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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