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This article aims to help users remove Chimera Malware Ransomware from their computer, as well as to restore the encrypted files. This Malware appears to be predominantly spread in Germany, as the accompanying message dictates (it is entirely in German):

  • Sie wurden Opfer der Chimera Malware. Ihre privaten Dateien wurden verschlusselt und sind ohne eine spezielle Schliusseldatei nicht wiederherstellbar. Moglicherweise funktionieren einige Programme nicht mehr ordnungsemass!

Ransomware are one of the nastiest types of Malwarees that currently circulate the Web and Chimera Malware is no exception to this statement. The Malware itself is actually pretty easy to remove once you know it is there, but by that point it’s usually too late. What are we really after is the recovery of the files encrypted by the Malware.

It is very important to realize how Chimera Malware works and what steps can be done against other Malwarees of its kind

Chimera Malware belongs to a long line of Malwares tracing their heritage to a pair of Ransomware Malwares called CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, which by predictions from the authorities have stolen over $20 million from victims over the years since their conception. The method of operation has seen minimal changes over the years.

Basically the Malware is almost always installed by another program called “dropper” that is already installed on the user’s PC and has root access, thus allowing the Malware to do anything without raising any red flags from the basic security functions of Windows. Once Chimera Malware is installed it scans all HDD and SSD letters of the computer and makes a list of all target files. Chimera Malware is after all kinds of files that contain valuable data, but not after system files – it needs your computer to work in order to contact you for blackmail.

Once that’s done Chimera Malware will begin encrypting the files located by the search – one at a time. This process involves transforming every single bit of data into other random data with the help of a code. The only way to read the file afterwards is to have this key. Once this process done the original file is deleted and all that’s left is the (useless) encrypted copy. When every targeted file suffers the same fate Chimera Malware will make itself known to you. You will see a message telling you that the ONLY way to get your data back is to pay a hefty ransom (lately going between $200 and $500) along with threats that you will never be able to recover your files otherwise.

Don’t believe the obvious lies

While it is true that the only way to recover your data from the file Chimera Malware left on your machine is to use the code, this doesn’t also mean the original file is done for – especially if you acted swiftly to look for our article and had a lot of spare storage room on your HDD. Our article will tell you how to recover the original file, before it got encrypted. The thieves – well they are after your money, so they will definitely try everything to scare you into submission.

Paying the blackmail money should only be done as a last resort

Recovering all of the encrypted files is by no means an easy or sure task, but it is important to realize that it will not endanger the encrypted copies of the file, which the Malware left on your machine. DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to recover the files you really need and only then you should ever consider to pay the ransom.

The people who are responsible for Chimera Malware – they are criminals and hackers – you have absolutely zero guarantees you will get that decryption key even if you pay the ransom. Even in the unlikely scenario that you weren’t able to recover the files yourself you should consider just discarding that data as lost. Beats paying a few hundred bucks and still losing it. It’s not likely these people have a reputation to protect anyway with billions of potential victims every day.

Pay attention to the health of your computer, clean all Malwarees and suspicious files asap

These days the internet is full of all kinds of traps and owning an anti-Malware or anti-malware software is next to mandatory for people who keep valuable data on their computers. Consider the software we recommend below. There are multiple new Malwarees popping out every day and the only thing that can prevent a disaster like Chimera Malware from repeating is a decent professional protection.


Name Chimera
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Chimera Malware Ransomware

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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