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This page aims to help you remove .Crabslkt Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Crabslkt file can be recovered.

Security experts are warning that the online users are threatened by yet another dreadful Ransomware infection. The name of the new danger is .Crabslkt – a cryptovirus of a new generation which can secretly encrypt the files of its victims with an extremely complex algorithm and without any symptoms. As per the latest reports, the number of the victims of this recently detected malware is growing rapidly. The creators of the infection are using a whole arsenal of tricky transmitters and infection methods in order to contaminate as many computers as possible. If your system has also fallen victim of .Crabslkt, you surely are in need of some help in order to handle the attack of the malware and its consequences in the best possible way. Fortunately, on this page, we can offer you not only some useful information about the nature of the Ransomware and its effects but also a Removal Guide, a helpful .Crabslkt removal tool and some tips about the possible restoration methods which you can use to get back some of your encrypted files. It is of a crucial importance for you to detect and remove the harmful malware code from your system as soon as possible if you want to prevent the contamination of other devices that you may connect to your PC. That’s why, we suggest you stay with us until the end and make use of the instructions that our “How to remove” team has prepared below.

.Crabslkt Ransomware

.Crabslkt Virus File

.Crabslkt locks your files with a secret encryption!

Ransomware is a type of malware that is currently really popular among hackers and really wide spread around the Internet. New versions keep appearing every day and they pose a serious danger to every computer user. .Crabslkt is a sophisticated variation, which is created with one purpose – to take hostage of all the files that can be found on the infected computer and to keep them inaccessible until the victim agrees to pay a certain amount of money for their liberation. The hackers behind the Ransomware promise to send a special decryption key to those victims who pay the required ransom amount. This nasty online blackmailing model gains the hackers enormous profits on the back of the people who give them their money with the hopes of saving their files.

What kind of distribution methods does .Crabslkt using to infect its victims?

Ransomware has many ways of sneaking inside the system. The hackers usually come up with various creative ways to mislead and infect the online users when they least expect it. In fact, the stealthiness is a key factor for the success of the Ransomware attack. That’s why, the trickier the transmitters are, the higher the chances for a successful secret encryption. Normally, threats like .Crabslkt can be incorporated in different legitimate-looking ads, links, web pages, software installers, fake offers, misleading messages, email attachments and what not. Sometimes, they can be delivered to the system with the help of a Trojan horse or an exploit kit. That’s why, it is really important to use your common sense while browsing the web in order to minimize the chances of bumping into malicious transmitters.

Sadly, even if you are very careful, there is no guarantee that you will completely avoid the Ransomware infections. They are really hard to detect and rarely trigger any visible symptoms when they contaminate you. Once in the system, these malicious programs secretly apply encryption to your most commonly used files. Only then do they reveal their presence inside the system by generating a threatening ransom-demanding message on the screen. The idea of this message is to get you panicked and make you pay the ransom immediately.

What should you do when the Ransomware asks you to pay?

It is a dreadful feeling to lose access to your important documents, images, videos, audios, projects and archives and to be blackmailed into paying money for the access to them. However, the stress and the panic won’t help you handle the situation in the best possible way. Once you become a victim of the Ransomware, you have to be ready to deal with unscrupulous cyber criminals which won’t hesitate to threaten you in order to extort money from you. That’s why trying to ignore their harassment tactics and take logical decisions is the best thing you could do. Moreover, trusting the hackers with your money and hoping that they will send you the decryption key they promise is always a risky course of action which does not guarantee the successful recovery of your files. What if the key doesn’t work? Or the crooks simply disappear without sending you anything?

For this reason, what we usually advise our readers is to take their time and search for alternative solutions to the ransom payment. These could be their own file backup copies, system restore steps or free decryption tools. Before you proceed to any of them, though, don’t forget to remove .Crabslkt from your system. There is a detailed Removal Guide and a professional removal tool on this page which may help you with this task.


Name .Crabslkt
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove .Crabslkt

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You can find the removal guide here.


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    • First, you will need to follow the removal instructions from this post and after that you should visit our How to Decrypt Ransomware for file-recovery suggestions.

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