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Dear reader, today we bring you another guide for removing pesky browser hijackers – redirect. Please find the few minutes that are needed to read the article in full. It will help you understand how your computer became infected in the first place and what to do to avoid similar threats in the future. redirect – an overview

As a member of the browser hijacker family redirect happily lives up to its name. As in it will happily take over your browser and infest it with advertisements and offers for program updates. It might even suggest downloading “free” programs or updating plug-ins or video players/codecs.

  • Do not fall for the obvious trap! All content originating from redirect is dangerous and should be ignored. Note that browser hijacker developers work together and different browser hijackers will install other viruses if you allow them to! Terminate any started downloads or installs with the task manager immediately.

There is a good chance that some of those ads might grab your attention. Do not be fooled – redirect has already scanned your browsing history and analyzed your hobbies to generate ads that fit your interests. Along with them it might have also grabbed much more dangerous data – credit card numbers or log-in details to your bank account! On all popular browsers this info is likely encrypted, but better not take any chances.

  • As soon as you are confident that redirect is gone from your computer go ahead and change all passwords to important sites. It might be annoying, but its much better then having those stolen for real.


How did redirect infect your computer?

Thankfully browser hijackers generally lack the capability to attack security vulnerabilities. This means that they will instead target you – the user – and try to fool you into allowing it access. To do that the browser hijacker might pose as anything else really – the above mentioned free updates and apps are nothing else but browser hijacker. A couple of popular methods are:

  1. As extras to freeware programs – free programs cost nothing to the user, but still generate expenses for hosting. browser hijacker creators have found a great niche for themselves by offering money to free app creators. In exchange for that money the browser hijacker comes packed with the installer of the program. Thankfully browser hijacker bundled this way can usually be avoided – there is always an option in the installer to do just that. When installing software always go for the advanced installation and uncheck the boxes that allow the installation of extra utilities.
  2. Through fake download/torrent sites. There are hundreds of these circulating around the net, but they function in a similar way. They copy the data of your search bar and generate a file with the same name to juice out a perfect match. That file is of course a virus. Watch out for these by looking for the extension – regardless of the file name it will always end with .exe


Name Delta-homes
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How To Remove redirect

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.



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