.Etols Virus

This page aims to help you remove .Etols File Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Etols file can be recovered.

If you have sensitive and/or important files in your computer that you’d want to keep safe, encrypting them is probably one of the best ways to do that. A file-encryption placed on your valuable data will make the said data inaccessible to people who are not authorized to open the encrypted files. If you have issued the encryption, then you’d be the only one in possession of the key that can read through it and allow you to access the data. Unfortunately, however, this rather useful process that many users employ for the security and safety of their valuable files is also the basis behind the so-called Ransomware cryptovirus programs . These malicious pieces of malware are widely known for their ability to lock up the files of their victims and if the latter have no backup copies of the encrypted data, they’d be unable to access any of the documents, images, audios, videos and other data that has gotten locked-up by the Ransomware. Of course, the purpose of this encryption of the malware’s victims’ files is to force the users to pay a ransom for the release of the “hostage” data. If a Ransomware enters your computer and uses its encryption code to prevent you from accessing your files, you will surely be offered the option of paying a certain amount of BitCoins (or some other similar cryptocurrency) in exchange for the liberation of the files that got locked. We, however, advise against the payment option – you should at least try some other tactics and methods of handling such an infection before you consider the payment “solution”. Since this article is mostly about the .Etols cryptovirus, we assume that you have come here exactly because you have landed this nasty malware on your computer. In that case, our advice for you is to use the .Etols removal guide below and remove the infection as the first step towards handling this whole issue.

.Etols Virus

.Etols File Encryption

Your options are limited

We can’t be the ones to tell you what’s best for you – if you want, you can still go for the money transfer and hope that this will bring you back your files. That being said, we must still warn you about the risks of opting for this course of action. The main problem with the ransom payment (aside from the fact that you’d have to spend a significant amount of money) is the fact that you cannot know if the hackers who are harassing you will really stay true to their word and send you a key that will decrypt the files in your system. This is also the main reason we have given you the guide on this page – trying some alternatives may save your hard-earned money and also remove the need of dealing with some anonymous Internet crooks. We have several restoration suggestions for your files back in the guide which you may want to try but be warned, we can’t promise that any of them will be hundred percent effective in your specific situation.


Name .Etols
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

 Remove .Etols File Virus Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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  • I have .etols ransomware virus
    Ip hosts virus:
    102. 54 .94. 97 rhino
    102. 54 .94. 102 appname
    102. 54 .94. 123 popular
    102 .54 .94. 117 localsrv

    Please him me

    • These IPs need to be removed from your Hosts file as they are not supposed to be in it. Delete them from the file and then save the changes, after which you should proceed with the other steps from the guide.

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