Flash Player Auto Update Daemon Mac

“Flash Player Auto Update Daemon”

The most likely browser hijacker that is nagging you right now is a software piece named “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon”. It is an app that was recently discovered by the security specialists after many users have reported its invasive behavior.

"Flash Player Auto Update Daemon"

The “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon” Pop up

If every time you open Chrome, Safari or Firefox (or another browser that you have on your computer) the screen of the computer gets flooded with irritating advertising materials, then you may have an undesirable application inside the browser that is causing the over-generation of ads as well as other potential annoying effects. Normally, the applications that could be responsible for this type of ads irritation belong to the adware or to the browser hijacker software categories. The representatives of both of these software families are similar to regular browser extensions and both are known for spamming the user with massive amounts of advertising content and page-redirects. The main difference between hijackers and adware, however, is that the hijackers may also introduce certain modifications to different elements of the browser. For example, if you seem to now have a new search engine in your browser or a new homepage, then you likely have a browser hijacker on your hands. Normally, the changes that such an app may introduce to the browser would happen automatically, without the direct and informed permission of the user. This can be quite irritating and some users may even mistake such changes in the browser for the activity of some insidious malware piece. However, if the symptoms mentioned above are the only issues you are currently faced with, the good news is that you are indeed dealing with a hijacker and not a Trojan, a Worm or some insidious Ransomware infection. In case you need help with the uninstallation of this application, you can rely on us. The guide that will be presented to you next has all you will need to quickly remove the undesirable “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon” application. 

Browser Hijackers and the safety risks related to them

The fact that “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon” and the other apps of the hijacker family are technically not viruses doesn’t make those software piece any more desirable or trustworthy. In general, you shouldn’t allow any software that does something in your computer without your permission and doesn’t give you an option to disable its activities operate in your computer. One of the dangers that may come from a software piece like “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon” is directly related to the commercial messages and to the page redirects it is likely to shower your screen with. Though the hijacker won’t purposefully display fake or harmful ads, there’s no guarantee that no such ads would end up on your screen as a result of the activities of “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon”. It’s just that this software piece doesn’t give the user much (if any) control over what types of ads would get generated meaning that you may receive ad messages, banners and pop-ups from sites that are unreliable, illegal and unsafe and which may even have Ransomware, Spyware, Viruses and other hazardous malware programs within their pages.


Name “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon”
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove “Flash Player Auto Update Daemon” Pop-up

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You can find the removal guide here.


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