GandCrab v5.2 Ransomware

This page aims to help you remove GandCrab v5.2 Ransomware Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any GandCrab v5.2 file can be recovered.

Of all the malicious programs out there, the representatives of the Ransomware category are some of the most widespread malware programs right now and you could encounter them everywhere on the Internet if you are not careful with the sites you go to, the software and files that you download and the things that you click on. And if one such virus enters your PC, what would follow is all your files will get locked by the advanced encryption code of the Ransomware without you having any time to counteract it. If that’s what has happened to you and if this is why you have come to the current page, we may have some advice here that may help you handle this situation in the best way possible. We cannot promise you full recovery for all your data but we can still provide you with suggestions that may allow you to minimize the negative consequences of the Ransomware attack.

The threat that has likely entered your computer and put its encryption on all your files is GandCrab v5.2. This is a scary newly developed piece of malware that, similarly to most other Ransomware cryptoviruses, uses its unique encryption algorithm to restrict the access of its victims to their own personal data. Upon completing the whole process of rendering your personal data inaccessible, GandCrab v5.2 gives you an ultimatum in the form of a note that it generates on the computer screen. The text in the note basically states that you need to pay a ransom and in return be given a special key for unlocking your files. The alternative to that is never again being able to use, open or edit the encrypted files. However, seeing that you are reading this post, we assume that you are willing to try some potential alternative that may allow you to get out of this without actually submitting the ransom money to the hackers. If that is the case, we advise you to take a look at the GandCrab v5.2 removal guide down below.

Weighing the pros and cons

Sometimes, paying the ransom would indeed put an end to the whole situation and you would have your files returned to you. However, what’s the guarantee that instead of this happening the hackers won’t simply keep the money you send them and not give you anything in return that could allow you to regain the access to your data. Also, what if the sum requested is too high and you cannot pay it at the moment. For instances like this, we have prepared our guide and posted it on this page. The instructions in it will allow you to liberate your PC from the presence of GandCrab v5.2 and the added data recovery section will present you with some file restoration solutions that may be of help. The problem is that, as we said earlier, we can’t promise you anything when it comes to how much of your data you’d be able to restore. Still, it’s important to try all options that do not include paying the ransom since it’s never a good idea to send your money to cyber criminals.


Name GandCrab v5.2
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove GandCrab v5.2 Ransomware Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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