Rat Software Email

This page aims to help you remove the RAT Software Email . Our how to remove instructions work for every version of Windows and Mac OS.

RAT Software Email

If you have recently opened an e-mail stating the following:

“We have installed one rat software into you device for this moment your email account is hacked too.

then you might very well have a remote access trojan intrusion on your hands. Or at the very least that’s what the people behind the RAT Software Email campaign would want you to believe. However this is most probably not entirely true.

RAT Software

Complaints about the RAT Software Email

Trojan Horse viruses are cyber threats that nearly all PC users have heard about and there’s a good reason for that. Those malicious and insidious viruses are really widespread and are commonly used for different kinds of cyber crimes including personal data theft, system and data corruption, establishing remote control over the targeted device and even sneaking other nasty infections like Ransomware cryptoviruses inside the already infected computer. All in all, a Trojan virus is something really nasty and certainly a type of software that you don’t want to get inside of your computer. Because of that, we will try to offer you some crucial and really important information in the next lines in order to help you better protect your PC against such threats in the future. The main focus of the following paragraphs and also of the guide down below will be the new Trojan virus called RAT Software – this malicious virus threat in particular is currently on the rise and each day more computers are getting infiltrated by it. This is also likely the reason why a lot of you have found and visited this page – because your PCs have already gotten attacked by the noxious RAT Software infection. 

How to remove RAT Software ?

Many users from Italy have been recently bombarded with messages like this one:

Abbiamo installato un software RAT nel tuo dispositivo. Per questo momento anche il tuo account e-mail è stato violato.o scaricato tutte le informazioni riservate dal tuo sistema e ho avuto qualche altra prova. Hai cambiato la tua password? Stai andando alla grande! Ma il mio software riconosce ogni azione di questo tipo. Sto aggiornando le password! Sono sempre un passo avanti… Così… Ho postato EternalBlue Exploit modifica sul sito porno, e poi hai installato il mio codice maligno (trojan) sul tuo sistema operativo. Attualmente, il mio programma ha raccolto tutte le vostre informazioni di contatto dai social network e dagli indirizzi e-mail. Se avete bisogno di cancellare tutti i vostri dati raccolti e video con il vostro divertimento, inviatemi 250€ in BTC (crypto currency). Questo è il mio portafoglio Bitcoin: 18oAbhvp7ib8e1zNSVGFR3v8YmqiCeBoFu

While the affected users probably don’t have One Rat Software or any trojans plaguing their systems, it is higly advisable that they check their respective systems for any forms of malware with a licensed software.

With the issue you’re currently struggling with, know that you are not alone in this predicament and in the lines below, you will hopefully find the needed help. In a guide posted right below, we have tried to list a number of helpful steps that might enable you to find the infection inside your system and have it removed from the computer. However, if the guide and its manual steps are not enough, there is also a removal tool you can find on this page which could also help you with the timely elimination of RAT Software. Just keep in mind that the sooner you take action towards removing the infection, the better. Swift action is crucial in instances of Trojan Horse infections as those viruses can be highly detrimental to your system’s health and if allowed to reside inside your computer for any extended period of time, the consequences could be devastating. Therefore, we must once again draw your attention towards the instructions posted in the following guide and the importance of using them while you still can save your computer from the RAT Software attack.

What is RAT Software?

The RAT Software message is a spam email that blackmails its targets after making them think their computer has been attacked by a RAT Trojan. The RAT Software spam messages are usually titled with “We have installed one RAT software”.

It surely is important that you get rid of the RAT Software virus as soon as possible but what’s just as equally important is that you make sure no more such infections reach your PC. The best way to do that is to become more mindful of your online activities and the contents you interact with while on the Internet. A Trojan could present itself to you in many forms as those infections are commonly distributed under some kind of disguise. Such a disguise could be a spam e-mail letter attachment, a misleading web advert or update request, a seemingly safe software download suggested to you by some sketchy website and so on and so forth. That is why it is of utmost importance that you don’t visit shady web addresses where you are more likely to come across something that’s unsafe and unreliable. Make sure you visit sites that are reputable and only download software when you know that you can trust its developer and the chances of getting your system infected with another Trojan would get significantly reduced.

In this line of thought, we must also remind you to never leave your computer unprotected by a reliable security program – Trojan infections oftentimes happen without visible symptoms which is why it is so crucial that you always have the extra protection of a strong and quality antivirus program.

Some words about the abilities of Trojans

Infections like RAT Software are oftentimes used for more than one insidious actions. As we mentioned in the start of this write-up, a Trojan could try to corrupt your system, mess with your personal data, infect you with other viruses such as Trojans and Rootkits, take control over your computer, steal sensitive data from your machine and many more. The key is to detect the virus on time and get rid of it before it has managed to complete its insidious and malicious purpose (or purposes). Therefore, if you believe that the RAT Software infection might indeed be inside your system, do not hesitate to use the instructions and the tool from this page and get rid of any suspicious data which might be currently residing inside your computer system.


Name RAT Software
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove the RAT Software Email Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.



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