Jokeroo Ransomware

This page aims to help you remove Jokeroo Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any Jokeroo file can be recovered.

Viruses of the Ransomware type, such as Jokeroo, are some of the worst computer threats that you may encounter. They can encrypt the files on the victim’s computer secretly and then ask for a ransom to be paid for their decryption. Usually, immediately after all the targeted files has been locked with a special encryption code, a ransom-demanding message gets displayed on the screen, which informs the users of what has happened to their files. The hackers behind that message typically ask for a certain amount of money to be paid in a given cryptocurrency wallet and promise to send a special decryption key if the money is successfully transferred to them. They also threaten to delete the encrypted files’ decryption key in the event that the ransom has not been sent within the specified deadlines. These are all nefarious tactics which the criminals use to scare their victims in order to successfully extort money from them. In this article, we will focus on Jokeroo as one of the recently reported Ransomware infections. This particular threat has been terrorizing unsuspecting online users for some time and has been blackmailing them in the above-described way. If you are one of those victims, here, we want to tell you exactly how such viruses act and what you can do to save yourself and your system from them. In addition, below, we will also provide you with a detailed removal guide with the help of which you can find and remove Jokeroo from your system. But keep in mind that this task may not be easy and that’s why we have also included a professional removal tool for automatic assistance within the guide. You can use it to carefully scan your entire PC for hidden Ransomware-related files and to remove the remaining malware data in a fast and reliable manner. Unlocking the encrypted files may also require additional efforts and, unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that you will be able to successfully decrypt them all. However, in the guide below, we have described some free file-recovery steps which may offer you a roundabout to release your files.

Many people ask us what they can do when they have already become infected and have lost access to their files? Well, frankly speaking, there are not many options. Of course, you can immediately transfer money to the criminals with the hope that they will keep their promise and send you the special decryption key. But at the same time, by doing this, you’d risking having your money taken without you receiving anything as it is not uncommon for the hackers to simply disappear once they receive the ransom payment and send no decryption key. However, you can leave this option for later because there are some things that you should try first. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest you remove Jokeroo. This is a very important step which can prevent the Ransomware from encrypting more files in the system. Only then should you try to restore the inaccessible files. It is best to use your personal backups but if you don’t have any, try our file-recovery instructions or search for online decryptors that specialize in unlocking Ransomware encryption. Eventually, you may be able to find one that will allow you to cope with the consequences of Jokeroo.


Name Jokeroo
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Jokeroo Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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