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This page aims to help you remove Js/ Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

If you are a frequent computer user, there is no way that you have not heard about the so-called Trojan horse threats. They are considered as some of the most malicious infections that may sneak inside your PC and the security experts find them as very challenging to deal with. The reasons for that are many but mostly, the Trojan-based viruses are very versatile and the type of harm they may cause is unpredictable. If you have a good understanding of their nature and the way they operate, however, you may have a better chance to detect and remove them before they manage to cause an irreparable damage. That’s why, in the next lines, we will acquaint you with the characteristics of one of the newest Trojan horse threat, called Js/, which is actively spreading on the Internet nowadays and posing a danger to many computers.

How can a Trojan horse sneak inside your PC?

Trojans are kings in camouflage and may use various sneaky transmitters to infect you. That’s why it is very difficult to distinguish them from the daily web content that you are used to interacting with. Some of the most common carriers of such infections may include spam messages, infected emails, and harmful attachments, fake ads, malicious links, and misleading offers, as well as absolutely harmless-looking audios, videos, different files, and messages. Unfortunately, keeping away from such content may not guarantee that your PC is safe because you may happen to click on something that appears legitimate, but in fact, contains a harmful payload such as Js/ Malware. That’s why, we highly recommend our readers to invest in reliable antivirus software, which can detect such Trojan threats and use reliable removal instructions, such as the ones below, in case that an infection has occurred.

If malware like Js/ has been spotted on your system, it is very important to act fast and remove it as soon as possible in order to prevent it from performing its criminal tasks. If not detected and eliminated on time, such a Trojan can have really damaging effects on your system and to heavily compromise your personal and professional life. It is a known fact that most threats of this kind can be used for theft of personal and identification data, such as passwords and login credentials, credit or debit card numbers, as well as sensitive work or family-related details. Once in the hands of the hackers, such data could be used for banking fraud, blackmail, theft of identity, as well as physical or emotional harassment of various kinds. Trojans are also the perfect tools for system corruption. They can secretly launch destructive code and damage vital system files, as well as modify, replace and wipe off files and entire disks. The hackers may often establish remote control over the infected computer with their help and to launch targeted attacks as well as to insert other viruses such as Spyware or Ransomware into the system.  There could be many other possible ways such a malware can harm you. That’s why your top priority should be to keep your PC safe with reliable security software and to remove such infections as soon as you detect them.  


Name Js/
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove Js/ Malware

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You can find the removal guide here. 


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