Remove Locker Goga Ransomware Virus

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This page aims to help you remove Locker Goga Ransomware Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any Locker Goga file can be recovered.

An insidious cryptovirus which goes under the name of Locker Goga is the main topic of the article that you are about to read now. This dreadful malware operates as a Ransomware virus and has the ability to encrypt your most needed and most valuable files with a very complex algorithm. The people behind this infection are criminal hackers who use their creation for blackmailing purposes. Once Locker Goga has placed its encryption on the targeted files, it generates a threatening ransom-demanding message which asks the victims to pay a certain amount of money for the decryption of their files. What you need to know about this nasty malware is that dealing with it can be very challenging and not always successful. Normally, those who get infected have to face the difficult choice of whether to pay the ransom and hope for the criminals to send them a decryption key or seek and use alternative ways of removing the Ransomware and trying to restore whatever is possible. In the next paragraphs, you will find a detailed Removal Guide which is specially created for those of you who don’t want to give their money to the hackers and want to remove Locker Goga from their machine. The Guide contains step-by-step instructions with screenshots and some file-recovery tips. There are also some essential details about the nature of the Ransomware infections, their distribution methods and also some prevention tips to help you keep your machine and data secured in the future. Hopefully, you will find the information below useful and will decide on how to act according to your specific case.

What should you know if you are dealing with a Ransomware such as Locker Goga?

Ransomware is the name of a rapidly growing malware category of computer viruses, the ability of which is to cause some sort of lockdown on your system. They can either target your entire device by locking down the screen or they can block the access to certain valuable files by placing a complex file-encryption. To restore their access, the victims are typically asked to pay a certain amount of money within a given deadline. A scary ransom message usually reveals the presence of the infection and its effects once they have taken place.

Locker Goga locks your most important data!

Locker Goga, in particular, is a newly detected Ransomware cryptovirus with file-encrypting abilities. This infection is considered to be a very complex one because it can detect and lock essential files in your system as well as most commonly used personal files such as images, documents, archives, audios, videos, etc. Among all the known malware which is lurking on the Internet, Ransomware is considered to be one of the nastiest types you may come across. Unfortunately, to this date, there is no universal and a 100% working solution which can counteract the effects of the Ransomware’s attack. New viruses like Locker Goga are considered to be really challenging to remove and even more challenging when it comes to breaking their encryption algorithm. The restoration of any files which might have been taken hostage by Locker Goga, so far, cannot be guaranteed. Even if the victims pay the ransom, there is still no guarantee that the decryption key which the hackers offer would really work and decrypt the complex encryption. Minimizing the data loss, in most of the cases, can happen only if the victims have full data backups or copies which can be taken from external sources. In some cases, extraction of file-backups could be possible from the system as well. In the Removal Guide below, we have listed some file-recovery steps which might be worth the try. If you decide to proceed with them, however, you should first remove Locker Goga and all of its hidden file-encrypting scripts with the help of the instructions in the guide or by scanning your computer with a reliable antivirus software. Asking a professional for help is also an alternative, should you need some additional assistance.  

What about the best prevention and protection practices?

As with most malware, prevention is the best protection. This is especially valid for  Ransomware because, as we said above, once it infects you, recovering from it may not always be fully possible at the moment. That’s why, making sure you avoid the potential sources of the nasty threat at all costs is the best you could do. Keep in mind that the hackers are getting more and more creative in their distribution methods and that’s why investing in reliable antivirus software is of utmost importance for the well-being of your system. Also, do not click on shady links, questionable sites, sketchy ads, spam or email attachments from unknown senders. These are the typical channels for spreading different viruses, including threats such as Locker Goga and other nasty infections.


Name Locker Goga
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Locker Goga Ransomware Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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