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 The Kromtech MacKeeper relation.

Kromtech MacKeeper

A screenshot of a user complaint for the Kromtech MacKeeper pop-up.

MacKeeper is a legitimate security program that is compliant with all regulations and laws. It is not in any way a virus. It is however promoted in questionable ways by shady means –  including malware like the Kromtech Virus. The rest of the article below covers the removal of the malware known as the Kromtech Pop-up.

E-commerce adverts can quickly become trouble for almost any web user who is having them on their screen. And this can get even worse when a Browser Hijacker such as the Kromtech Virus, has attached itself to the system. In this case, it is quite likely that your browser’s front page may be changed, along with other browser configuration settings such as the search engine or the toolbar section. Kromtech is just one of the many Browser Hijacker applications, notorious for disturbing your Internet browsing experience. Such type of programs are generally harmless but a lot of web users consider them as potentially unwanted and seek methods to uninstall them from their system. That’s why, on this page, we will help you to get rid of this kind of intrusive software by using our step-by-step guide and the professional Kromtech removal tool attached to it.

The majority of web users, when faced with the Ads created by a program like the Kromtech Virus, come to believe they’re fighting some sort of dangerous software. And this is pretty understandable – after all, the Browser HIjackers tend to take over their main browser and spam their screen with sponsored ads without asking for approval for that. Moreover, the word “virus” is commonly being used for every problem with a computer that isn’t a technical one. However, we need to clarify here that people hit by a real computer virus might have to face much more serious consequences than being spammed with aggressive ads and redirects. For instance, they may have their files stolen, corrupted or destroyed, while the computers contaminated with Browser Hijackers such as Kromtech, at their worst, are just going to be flooded with annoying pop-ups, banners, and sponsored links. In some instances, the system’s speed and performance may be affected because the hijacker may use a fair share of RAM and CPU resources for its never-ending ad-generating activity. All this, compared to the attack of a Ransomware or a Trojan Horse, however, is basically just a simple annoyance. Your PC is unlikely to be damaged by the presence of a program like Kromtech and once you remove it, it will probably be like new.

Is the Kromtech virus dangerous?

Kromtech virus

A message displayed by the Kromtech virus.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that even though the Browser Hijackers are normally considered non-threatening, they could still indirectly expose you to a number of online security threats. One of the main risks for your safety comes from the obstructive adverts that these programs constantly generate. Not all of them should be trusted because, sometimes, fake or misleading messages may sneak inside the regular ads streaming and redirect you to unsafe web locations where Ransomware and other nasty viruses may lurk. That’s why our advice for you here would be to stay away from them when possible. Remember that the advertisements displayed on your screen by apps such as KromtechSearch Baron or “Top Results” may be personalized in such a way to ensure that they appear more attractive to you. This is a function of most of the advanced Browser Hijacker applications that have a tendency to monitor your browsing history as a way to find out what web sites and items you are interested in. Customers with less powerful PC’s may face another difficulty – the hijacker may consistently require system resources, consequently slowing the work of the programs that you actually use.


Name Kromtech
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove MacKeeper Kromtech Virus Pop-up

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You can find the removal guide here.

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