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A lot of Mac users have recently reported an issue where a lot of random ads, page-redirects and online suggestions pop-ups on their screens while they are using their browser to surf the Internet, where the one common thing between all the advertising materials is that they seem to have something to do with the MacKeeper optimization tool for Mac machines. MacKeeper, in itself, is a legitimate tool/program for Mac which offers a number of useful features such as deletion of redundant and junk data, improvement of the online and offline security of the computer, boosting of the machine’s performance as a whole. However, if you are experiencing a lot of seemingly random advertisements, redirects and other nagging promotional material that prompt you to download the MacKeeper program, then you might have an unwanted and maybe even a potentially hazardous program inside of your Mac computer that you’d need to get rid of.

What could you be potentially be dealing with?

Normally, software that triggers unwanted ads generation in the users’ browsers is nothing new and shouldn’t be a reason for panicking since here we are not talking about Ransomware, Trojan Horses, Spyware or other similar highly-dangerous virus categories. That said, if there are too many ads on your screen and they aren’t coming from any particular site and instead seem to follow you to each and every page that you visit, then you may need to take certain precautions. In this case, the ads pointing you to MacKeeper might not be dangerous in themselves since the promoted program is legitimate but there is nothing to say that you won’t, at a certain point, get shown other, more questionable advertisements.

What are the dangers that you can expect?

As said above, ads like the ones redirecting you to the MacKeeper tool shouldn’t pose a direct threat to your PC. However, the software responsible for their generation could be unpredictable and the content, the quality and the reliability of the advertisements can easily change for the worse before you even know it, thus, leading to a number of potential hazards for your Mac machine. The instructions we’ve posted above can help you pinpoint any undesirable software and remove it but you should also know how to avoid it in the future so that you won’t need to uninstall it all over again.

Usually, unwanted ad-generating apps like adware, browser hijackers and any software that might be redirecting you to MacKeeper could come from spam messages, shady online requests and also in file bundles with other programs. In fact, some have reported that apps like the one responsible for the MacKeeper redirects might actually come in bundles with the MacKeeper program as an additionally added component. Oftentimes such components are added to legit programs in order to reach more computers and users normally tend to fail to notice their presence in the installer. This might also be the case with some installation bundles with MacKeeper as their main program. However, a quick look in the Advanced menu should allow the user to deselect any of the additionally included apps and thus leave them out in order to only install the main program.


Name MacKeeper Redirect
Type Adware/PUP
Detection Tool

MacKeeper Redirect Removal

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