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This page aims to help you remove Pop up “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

There are many different types of software that you definitely do not want to have a close encounter with. Malware like Spyware, Ransomware and Trojan Horses are some examples of those nasty computer threats, but the Internet is full of many other viruses which too will not spare your system if they find a way to nest themselves inside of it., however, is not among those serious computer threats that are used for nasty criminal activities.

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This application is a somewhat harmless browser hijacker which typically takes over popular browsers like, for example, Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer and instead of causing damage to them, it tries to impose a new search engine service or a new homepage address on the browser. This is because operates as an online advertising tool. It starts to spam the browser’s screen with sponsored ads, banners, pop-ups, and page-redirect links and prompts the users to click on them in order to generate traffic to some third-party sponsored websites. Very often, the program may install some new toolbars, search engine tools or buttons and replace the URL of the homepage without asking for anybody’s approval. These changes are generally not malicious and are unlikely to damage your computer or the software and the data that you store on it. However, they may make it rather difficult and irritating to use your browser and surf the web because you may frequently get redirected to some sponsored sites, ads and pop-up offers that you may not want to be exposed to. That’s why it is generally advisable to uninstall the imposed modifications and remove the nagging ads from your screen as soon as possible. The best and the fastest way to do that is to use a professional removal tool which can detect and uninstall the browser hijacker that stands behind the unwanted changes. Another way of permanently removing the disturbance that might be causing is to use the instructions in the removal guide below.

Be careful with the ads that generates!

The fact that is not a serious computer threat doesn’t make it any more desirable. As a typical browser hijacker, this app may expose you to various third-party commercials, random pop-ups and page-redirect links, the quality and legitimacy of which could be rather questionable. Interacting with those messages, URLs and pages may sometimes even be hazardous. For instance, some of the ads that you may be prompted to click on may land you on unfamiliar websites full of sketchy pop-ups, blinking boxes and colorful messages. In other cases, you may come across fake offers or promotions of overpriced products and services as well as “you won a prize” messages, which may trick you into downloading more unwanted software or providing personal details to some potentially unsafe landing pages. Catching a real virus or interacting with a camouflaged Ransomware or Trojan Horse transmitter is also possible if you fall into the trap of random redirects. For this reason, it is not a good idea to trust or keep a browser hijacker inside your system or to click on the content that it generates on your screen.


Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Pop up “Virus”

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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