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If you are not careful with the software that you download and the web locations that you visit on your Android smartphone or tablet, it is possible that you might sometimes get browser hijackers on it. A browser hijacker is a software component that typically affects the user’s browser in a rather negative way by flooding it with ads, displaying nagging banners on the user’s screen, causing page redirects and also making certain unwanted alterations to the browser. For instance the browser on your device whatever that browser may be (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.) might have its search engine replaced, it’s toolbar altered, its starting page and new-tab page changed and so on. Of course, few users would be okay with that and yet this actually happens very commonly. The problem is that in many cases it might not even be your fault – some hijackers get added to other apps on the Android device after an automatic update in which case there’s hardly anything one could do to prevent this from happening. Still, there’s a way out of this issue and that would be to remove the software responsible for the redirects, the browser changes and the intrusive ads generation. Here, we will give you an example with the recently released News-subscribe browser hijacker for Android. If you have this unpleasant software component on your device, make sure that you have a look at the guide for removing News-subscribe available right below this short article. In it, you will be given all the instructions you might need for uninstalling the pesky News-subscribe and in that way preventing it from further messing with your browser and with your Internet settings.

Can News-subscribe be harmful and how can you avoid similar software in the future?

Many users believe that a hijacker is something as dangerous as a Trojan Horse, a Spyware or a Ransomware virus. This, however, is actually a misconception. Though the ads and the redirects coming from such hijackers might sometimes land you on questionable web addresses, a hijacker in of itself is usually not something harmful.

As far as keeping away from such software elements in the future is concerned, the best way to do that is to only adhere to reliable sources for new applications. Also, a good extra tip here is to look up the apps you want to install before you actually install them so as to figure out if they really are reliable and if it’s okay for you to allow them inside your Android smartphone or tablet.

Remove News-subscribe “Virus”

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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