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Applications such as Oload.download “Virus” are software elements which operate only when they get added to browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or similar browsing programs. They normally cannot provide any separate functionality on their own because they very much resemble regular browser add-ons and extensions.

However, such applications are typically classified as browser hijackers due to their aggressive advertising-oriented nature and the way they can modify the browser’s settings without asking for approval. Therefore, a lot of people consider them to be potentially unwanted and seek methods to uninstall them from their PCs. Many hijackers may have the ability to replace the default search engine, to install a new toolbar or to set another homepage to the main browser. They may also start an automatic page-redirect service to certain websites and to flood the users’ screen with hard-to-remove ads, pop-ups, promotional messages, and blinking banners. It is hard to ignore such activities, because they may heavily disturb the way you normally browse the web by constantly interrupting your browsing sessions with various ads. Aside from the irritation, the browser hijackers might be associated with bigger problems. Now, we need to say that these pieces of software significantly differ from the viruses and the malware threats you could come across on the Internet (Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, etc.) and that we often talk about on this website. However, the browser hijackers are perfectly capable of exposing you to security hazards and sketchy web ads, misleading links, or fake web pages if you are not cautious and click on everything that might get displayed on your screen. That’s why it might be a good idea to minimize such risks by limiting your interaction with the content that the hijacker may generate. In fact, if you have an application such as Oload.download “Virus” on your system, we suggest you use the instructions in the specialized removal guide below to have it uninstalled. This will stop it from redirecting you to various unfamiliar pages and interrupting your browsing with aggressive ads.

How to deal with the browser hijacker?

The way a browser hijacker operates is more or less the one that we described above. Such software can mess with your browser’s settings and force it to redirect you to various advertising messages, sponsored links and clickable pop-ups during your browsing sessions. This behavior is not mean to cause harm to your system or to corrupt it the way that a real virus can, which is quite relieving. However, it might be quite frustrating trying to get rid of it and to remove the ad-generating and page-redirecting application that stands behind it. For instance, the successful removal process of applications like Oload.download could be a bit tricky and may require some additional assistance. If you try to uninstall the hijacker from your browser, you may find that there is no uninstallation option which you can use or any uninstallation entries in the Control Panel. That’s why you may need to carefully navigate through your system’s files and manually locate the ones that are related to the ad-generating service. This could typically be achieved in two ways. You can either use a manual removal guide like the one on this page or scan your PC with a professional removal tool which could automatically detect the invasive software and help you eliminate the it from your browser. There shouldn’t be much difference in terms of effectiveness regarding which method you choose as long as you successfully get rid of Oload.download and its disturbance but for best results, we encourage you to use a combination of both of the suggested removal options, the manual steps from the guide and the professional tool.

Pay attention when installing software bundles!

If you don’t want to be forced to deal with nagging ads, automatic page-redirects, and aggressive advertising applications every now and then, then you should definitely learn which their potential sources are and try to avoid them. Now, like most of the web users who are concerned about their system’s safety, you most probably try to stay away from obviously sketchy web locations such as torrent sites, freeware or shareware platforms, free download links, spam messages, pirated content and email attachments from unfamiliar senders. If you do so, this is great because such places could be transmitters not only of potentially unwanted applications such as Oload.download but also of nasty viruses, hidden Trojan horse infections or Ransomware threats. Another thing to be very careful with, however, is the software that you install on your PC and its installation settings. A lot of software setup packages may contain additional or bonus components bundled with them and if you don’t pay attention during the installation process, they may get browser hijackers and other potentially unwanted applications installed on your machine. That’s why you should always opt for the installation option that allows for customization of the setup configuration (the Advanced or the Custom setup menus) and from there manually make the necessary changes in order to install only the software that you want to have on your PC.


Name Oload.download
Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Oload.download Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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  • I read this and laughed. All a person has to do is uninstall chrome and then download chrome back onto their computer. Problem solved! Way to make it more complicated for others when it is so simple to remove.

    • Sadly, although a browser re-installation might have worked for you, more often than not, this is not enough to get rid of such undesirable software. Oftentimes, there is leftover data from it on the computer which allows it to later get back inside your browser and start to disrupt you once more. Hence, the need for a detailed guide that covers everything.

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