On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account Email

Typically, if you receive a phishing e-mail in which you are told that there’s a Trojan Horse virus in your PC and that if you do not pay a set amount of money (usually in BitCoins) to the sender of the e-mail, they will use the Trojan to harm your computer or collect some sensitive data from it and then publish it online, similar to this one:
“I have very bad news for you. 03/08/2018 – on this day I hacked your OS and got full access to your account xxxxxxx On this day your account xxxxxxx has password: xxxxxxx So, you can change the password, yes.. But my malware intercepts it every time.” [… technical nonsense here …] “And I got an idea…. I made a screenshot of the adult sites where you have fun (do you understand what it is about, huh?). After that, I made a screenshot of your joys (using the camera of your device) and glued them together. Turned out amazing! You are so spectacular! I’m know that you would not like to show these screenshots to your friends, relatives or colleagues. I think $760 is a very, very small amount for my silence. Besides, I have been spying on you for so long, having spent a lot of time! Pay ONLY in Bitcoins! My BTC wallet: 1FgfdebSqbXRciP2DXKJyqPSffX3Sx57RF”

First and foremost, in most instances, such statements about a virus currently residing in your system would usually be a ruse. For that reason, it is highly inadvisable to send anything to the linked Bitcoin wallet available in the threatening message.

Secondly, it is pretty much always a much more sensible course of action to scan your computer for any actual threats and remove anything suspicious you might find instead of blindly believing what the scammer who’s harassing you claims in their e-mail.

Taking all of this into consideration, our advice for you is the following – use our guide from this page to check your computer for threats and remove anything potentially hazardous that you might find. Recently, there has been a new wave of Trojan Horse attacks caused by the nasty “On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account” Trojan Horse virus so even if the blackmailing e-mail is most likely a scam, it is still important to verify that there’s indeed no malware on your PC. The guide and its manual steps can help you achieve that but you can also use the suggested removal software tool that we’ve added to our guide in case you’d prefer the automatic way of handling things. Note that you might not be able to manually locate all potentially hazardous data so that is another reason why you might try out the anti-malware tool.

Some words about “On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account”

While the sole fact that you have been send an intimidating ransom-demanding message in your e-mail inbox doesn’t mean that you do indeed have a Trojan like “On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account” in your computer, it is still important to ensure that your PC is secure as this type of malicious programs are truly some of the worst. They rarely show visible symptoms and most users do not know that their machines have gotten infected (or how the infection has occurred). In many cases, simply opening an infected e-mail or clicking on a contaminated web advert could land you the malware program. The same applies for downloading pirated programs and visiting unreliable and sketchy sites. And if you do get a Trojan such as “On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account” on your PC, the malware piece might be able to ruin your system by corrupting important system data or by messing with the Registry (among other things). It might also sneak Ransomware and Rootkits inside your computer and/or spy on you. Sometimes, a Trojan might even allow the hackers to directly access your PC and control what’s happening in it. All in all, security should always come first and that is why we have posted our guide above.


Name “On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account”
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Remove On this day i hacked your os and got full access to your account

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.

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