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This page aims to help you remove .Promok Virus Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Promok file can be recovered.

The information that you are about to read here will reveal the characteristics of one very dangerous malware group known as Ransomware and the specifics of one of its recent representatives – .Promok. Generally, the infections of this type are regarded as some of the most terrible computer threats one may encounter. Without wanting to scare you right from the beginning, if you have a virus like .Promok on your PC, you should know that you are in trouble. This Ransomware, for instance, is not only very sophisticated and tricky in its methods of distribution and infection, but it also can scan your entire computer, locate all files that belong to certain predetermined file formats and encrypt them all with a very complex algorithm. Of course, all this is supposed to happen without your knowledge and in full stealth. Once the malicious encryption gets completed, all the files would be rendered inaccessible and you’d be asked to pay ransom in exchange for a decryption key. As you can see, this is a dreadful blackmailing scheme, which, unfortunately, is not easy to counteract. In the next lines, however, we will do our best to help you deal such infections, remove the virus scripts and eventually recover from their malicious actions.

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.Promok Virus File

Ransomware types:

Ransomware is definitely a very hazardous type of malware, which is mostly known for its encryption activities. Such malware can affect either the data, kept on the computer or the screen, by restricting your access to it. Generally, depending on the thing that it blocks, Ransomware can be divided into several categories. The screen-blocking Ransomware usually attacks the desktop of your computer by placing a huge banner that covers up the entire screen. That banner prevents you from reaching any icon or menu and basically asks you to pay ransom in order to remove it. A similar type of Ransomware is targeting mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other portable smart devices. The way it operates is pretty much the same as the screen-locking type – it places a full-screen notification which prevents you from reaching anything and in this way limits your access to the infected device. Of course, once again, a ransom is demanded for the removal of the screen-covering notification and you’d likely be asked to pay within a short deadline.

The most dreadful and the most difficult to handle category is the so-called file-encrypting Ransomware. The viruses of this type are the most widespread and the trickiest to deal with. They do not block your screen and instead they restrict the access to the important data that you keep on your computer. Sadly, .Promok falls into this category – it can locate all user data inside the computer and place a very complex encryption on the targeted files. It may also change their file extensions, making them unrecognizable for any software and ensuring that you have no way to open or use the encrypted data unless you pay the required ransom amount. The malware then offers you to provide you with a decryption key if you pay the set ransom amount, but to be honest with you, even that may not guarantee the complete recovery of your files. Unfortunately, breaking the complex encryption may not always be possible and this may lead to loss of some really valuable information, which may never be recovered.

What are the most likely sources of .Promok Ransomware?

If you are wondering how such a dreadful Ransomware threat can spread and which its most probable sources are, you should know that there are many. We cannot name them all because such infections often get delivered with the help of a Trojan horse or some other well-camouflaged transmitter which typically resembles a harmless file, a link, an add, an email attachment or some interesting image. The cyber criminals get quite creative in their malware distribution approaches and oftentimes hide their malicious payload inside torrents, pirated software installation kits or compromised web pages. In many cases, all that is needed is a single click that activates the harmful content automatically.

What are the possible solutions in case of infection?

Paying the hackers is not an advisable course of action according to many experts. We also do not recommend you give in to the ransom demands. Sadly, so far there is no universal tool or alternative, which can guarantee a 100% recovery from the attack of a file-encrypting Ransomware like .Promok. The best you could do is remove the malicious script and clean your system so no other files get encrypted in future and then try some potential alternative data recovery solutions that might be available. To get help on that, you can use the instructions in the Removal Guide below and scan your PC with the suggested anti-malware software program from this page. Some of your files may be recovered from backups (if you have any) or via file-restoration instructions such as the ones below.


Name .Promok
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove .Promok Virus Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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