Qwex Ransomware

This page aims to help you remove Qwex Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any Qwex file can be recovered.

Malware researchers have recently reported a new crypto-virus infection which goes under the name of Qwex. This new addition to the Ransomware family is rapidly spreading across the Internet and infecting hundreds of computers by secretly “taking hostage” the personal files that are stored there. Qwex is known to use a very complex file-encrypting algorithm, which is almost unbreakable without the application of the corresponding decryption key. Unfortunately, the infection usually has no specific visible symptoms which can give it away before the encryption process has been completed. This helps the creators of the malware to take their victims by surprise with a ransom-demanding message, which gets displayed suddenly on the desktop immediately after all the valuable files have been locked. The message usually contains information about the file-recovery and instructions which the victims should follow in order to obtain the special decryption key for their files. The crooks ask for a ransom payment to a given cryptocurrency wallet and promise to send the key once they receive the payment. Until then, all the encoded files remain inaccessible for and, unless you have external backup copies, there is no way to use them.

If you are one of the victims of Qwex, you probably are wondering if there are some alternatives which can help you remove this nasty Ransomware and avoid giving money to the crooks. Fortunately, you are on the right page because there is a set of instructions and a trusted Qwex removal tool below, which may help you remove the malware from your system. We have also prepared some suggestions on file-recovery, which do not involve paying a ransom to anyone and may help you minimize the loss of your valuable data to some extent. You are free to try them but keep in mind that it is really important to first remove the infection if you decide to apply some alternative file-recovery methods. Otherwise, the active Ransomware may prevent you from extracting data or may encrypt everything that you manage to recover.

Do you need to contact the criminals and pay the required ransom?

Pretty much all reputed cyber security analysts, including our “How to remove” team, do not recommend contacting the criminals behind the Ransomware. Instead, they encourage avoiding the ransom payment by all means and suggest alternatives, which are aimed at removing the infection and restoring data from external sources or with the help of specialized software. The main reason behind this advice is that there is absolutely no guarantee for the future of the encrypted data and the health of your system if you decide to actually give in to the demands of the hackers and pay them the money they request. In fact, it is very possible that you may not receive the correct decryption key even after you pay all the money that they want. If you don’t take actions to clean your system, however, what you may receive could be another well-camouflaged infection, which might further damage your computer. That’s why we highly recommend you try to remove the Ransomware as soon as possible and protect the system with a reliable security tool in the future.


Name Qwex
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Qwex Ransomware

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