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This page aims to help you uninstall SearchMoreKnow Ads. These SearchMoreKnow Ads removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

SearchMoreKnow Ads is recognized as an Adware type of malware by computers specialists. As such it cannot harm your computer directly and as a result is classified as a low-risk threat. This, however, does not mean you should take it lightly – the Ads it generates are very annoying to put up with and could also be very dangerous if some kind of software is obtained and installed from them.

SearchMoreKnow Ads

SearchMoreKnow Ads

Don’t click on Ad and DON’T install anything related to SearchMoreKnow

  • SearchMoreKnow Ads’s primary function is to display Ads – the creator is getting paid for every click on those Ads. Unfortunately Adware applications are not exactly known for the high quality control they have on the Ads they display – quite the opposite.
  • Reputable companies seldom advertise through applications like SearchMoreKnow Ads – though may be copied by hackers in a practice known as phishing. Popular online shops are cloned to a new, yet very similar address to the original. These sites are dummies, but may be actively advertised by overly generous promotions. If you make the mistake of trying to log-in with your account name and password into such a dummy site you’ll basically hand over your account’s details to the hackers, who will record the name and password and then use them to log-in to the real account and rob you.
  • Another dangerous possibility is the installation of a virus-infected executable file. Adware like SearchMoreKnow Ads is known to generate Ads that look exactly like system messages, but are actually fake. The purpose of these messages is to make you believe there is some sort of problem with your computer.
  • You’ll then be prompted to download some free software that can fix it problem for you. At worst this file is contaminated by a Trojan or Virus and if you install it you’ll be in some serious trouble. At best you are looking at a bloatware program that doesn’t actually do anything different then fanning the flames by creating fake reports about found errors and problems. Once you pay for the full version the program will just cut off the display of these fake reports without actually doing anything else.

On how SearchMoreKnow Ads got installed on your machine

Unfortunately the most likely reason is that you installed it yourself – likely without even realizing or even remembering that you did it. This is possible if you installed some program through an installer that carried additional programs inside – a practice called software bundle. Such an installer will deliver the main program it is built for, but it will also have extra programs bundled that will also get installed if you use the Default installation option. We strongly urge you to forget about using the Default installation and always use Advanced in the future. It only takes a couple more clicks on the Next button to get the exact same result, but in the meantime the installer will inform you where and what exactly is getting installed and you will have the option to block any or all of the extra programs should you want to. Do it. The chance of obtaining useful software from these bundles is pretty low anyway.


Name SearchMoreKnow Ads
Type Adware
Detection Tool

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Remove SearchMoreKnow Ads

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You can find the removal guide here.


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