Shield for Safari

Shield for Safari

Some of the most annoying forms of software you could possibly encounter while using your computer are the infamous browser hijackers and adware apps. Both are advertising-oriented and both tend to target some of the most popular browsers that the majority of people use – browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and so on. Despite being highly secure, the aforementioned browsers are still susceptible to such apps since most hijackers and adware tools aren’t actual pieces of malware and are not going to try to harm the machine they are installed on or mess with the data on it in the same way that a Trojan Horse infection or a Ransomware cryptovirus could.

Here, we will tell you about Shield for Safari – a hijacker app known for altering different browser elements such as the starting page and the search engine as well as for causing page-redirects and ads generation on the browser it is installed on. Many users have made complaints about this app and about its irritating abilities and we are here to help all those of you who may currently have the unpleasant Shield for Safari on their machines. One thing to not, however, is that, as we said, this isn’t a virus and it will likely not attempt to initiate any kind of malicious and harmful activity so there is no need to get panicked. Shield for Safari Pop-ups, similarly to most other hijacker apps, is mainly supposed to generate adverts and increase the traffic and the clicks to some sites it is trying to promote. This activity, in turn, earns money for the developers behind the hijacker which is the main reason this app has been created in the first place. Nevertheless, it is understandable if you’d like to remove it from your machine and this is what we are going to try to help you with in the following guide.

The hijackers may not always be safe

An app like Shield for Safari is different from a real malicious infection such as the one cause by a Rootkits, a Trojan or a Ransomware in the sense that it is not supposed to be used for anything criminal or malicious. However, there are still certain security concerns you must be aware of when it comes to browser hijackers. The main problem with such apps in terms of security is that their advertising contents may not always be as safe as some users my think they are. A lot of online advertisements tend to get used by hackers for malware distribution and this is why it is not advisable to carelessly click on each and every offer that the Shield for Safari hijacker may put on your browser screen. It is, therefore, best if you simply eliminate the intrusive application so that its adverts and page redirects do not get shown on your screen. Also, our advice for you in the future is to download new programs and other software only from sites you know you can trust and, even then, make sure to have a careful look at the installer of any new program you are about to install so as to see if there are any added bonus optional components that may be similar to a hijacker and that may need to be left out of the installation process.


Name Shield for Safari
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Shield for Safari Pop-ups

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You can find the removal guide here.


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