Remove SmartNewTab Virus

This page aims to help you remove Smartnewtab Virus. These Smartnewtab Virus removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Important information. Read it.

Smartnewtab Virus is a computer program strongly resembling the behavior of the type of malicious software known as Browser Hijacker. In this article we will try to explain what an Browser Hijacker software really is and how you ended up with it in the first place, along with extensive removal instructions of course.

Remove Smartnewtab Virus

Remove Smartnewtab Virus

Smartnewtab Virus – how does it work?

As we said you will be dealing with Browser Hijacker. This type of viruses are characteristically going to put you through a lot of advertisements – pop-ups, pop-unders, banner or even whole pages filled with Ads (short for advertisements). You can also expect a heavy dose of browser redirects. What we mean by that? When you try to open a certain web address in addition to it or instead of it another websites opens up in a new tab or in a new windows. You should stay clear off of both the ads and the websites you have been redirected to as any interaction with them increases greatly the chance that more malware is headed your way.

Smartnewtab Virus – how were you infected?

Malware spreading is an advanced practice and over time a plethora of different approaches have been developed and tried. We will list the most popular ones along with some tips on how to avoid them.

  • Any time you receive a new e-mail in your inbox with an attachment in it you should be wary. Even if it is from a supposedly legitimate sender, maybe even a well-known company or your gas/phone/electricity provider. You should always check the files before downloading them (most mail clients have built-in scanners) and once again before actually opening them.
  • If you are downloading from web-sharing websites or you are a fan of p2p (torrents) then you should be always careful what files are actually being downloaded onto your computer. If possible check the trust-level of the uploader first, although that is far from being a reliable barometer, and always scan the files before opening them. Especially in the case of .exe files, you just don’t know if that is not a malicious application disguised as something else.
  • Software bundles. The most likely scenario in which you ended up with Smartnewtab Virus. In other words the inclusion of additional programs inside the installer of a program or any type of software actually, that you decided to install. Mostly the program would be a free one and the only way for you to prevent this if you select advanced installation options and carefully review and untick anything that might be different from your initial selection.

Before starting with Step 1 of our removal guide take the time to read this as it will spare you some questions that might pop-up during the removal process. The important thing to understand and remember is there are different “versions” of Smartnewtab Virus floating around the web space. There are different reasons for this, though it is mainly to make it harder for removal guides and blogs to prepare a universal removal solution. It is true that our task has been made especially hard as a result but we have done our best to comply complete and extensive removal instructions. You may find some parts to be redundant or completely irrelevant to your particular problem, if that is indeed the case do not be immediately alarmed by skip these parts and continue with the rest. If you have questions or tips, use the comments section. We are always open to feedback from our readers.


Name Smartnewtab
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

 Remove SmartNewTab Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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Bert L. Jackson has more then 13 years in the Cyber Security Industry consulting and collaborating. Distinguished for an entrepreneurial mindset, creative problem solving, cross-functional teams and a bottom-line orientation.


  • Hello Oana,

    You should delete all lines that contain these URLs – they were added by the virus. Don’t forget to save the changes to the Hosts file after you do it!

    Please let me know if it worked or if you are having any problems.

  • Hello Fiona,

    Yes, you should be safe now.

    Please let me know if the virus resurfaces. These things constantly change.

  • Hi again,

    Yes, if you have a restore point before the computer was infected you can use it to get rid of the virus. It works most of the time.

    Did you manage to remove SmartNewTabs?

  • Hi Leonardo,

    Did you turn on Safe Mode first? Also you specifically open the file as administrator – locate in on your computer, right click on it, select properties and set it to work as an administrator from there.

    Did that help?

  • I did everything and i contiune having smartnewtab popups. I have even uninstalled Chrome and installed Firefox and in Firefox I still have this Smartnewtab. I don’t know what else i can do

    • Hi Victor,

      If you reinstalled your browser and still get the Ads this means you likely missed something within the guide. Are you sure you did all the steps in the order prescribed?

      Let me know when you re-do them or if you are absolutely sure you havn’t missed anything.

  • Hi again,

    It is really hard for me to blind-guess the reason if you’ve done everything already.
    What you can do is download SpyHunter from one of the banners on this page. The system scan is free to use, so please do it and tell me the result.

  • Hi bro,

    I am also a victim of this.I will try the given method. I just want to know, why these guys inject the virus into the downloads? Will they get paid for that? I m very curious about this, please give me if you have answer


    • Hi Vinod,

      These people earn money every time someone clicks on the Ads or buys something. It may time for some people to realize they’ve been infected and that’s what they rely on.

  • Hi, what you need to do is simply delete those lines from the file, then save it. If you don’t get permission to do that first run Notepad as an admin (search for notepad in windows search,, right click on exe-> run as admin) and then open the Hosts file from the inside menu of Notepad: File->Open. Navigate manually to the file.

  • Then skip safe mode and proceed with the guide. If any one step does not apply, go ahead with the next. The creators of these things often attempt to switch things to make removal guides redundant.

  • Hello,

    You can try a little trick. Save the file to another location, for example your desktop. Then use this newly saved file to replace the one in the original location. Let us know if that helps.

  • Hi Ashwin,

    I am going to need a little more details. Which part of the guide didn’t work for you? Did you do everything from there?

  • Hi there, sorry for the delay.

    If you are absolutely sure you’ve tried everything, then it is a good idea to give some anti-malware program a try.

    Grab SpyHunter and run a system scan. Even if you don’t want to buy the software it can pin-point you to the folder hosting the virus files.

  • Hi Akshat,

    You should delete those lines from the file.

    If you experience any problems with permission rights do the following:

    Search for Notepad in Windows search -> right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
    From inside Notepad click on the File-> Open menu and navigate to the hosts file

    You should now be able to save the file properly.

  • Hi Vishesh, what language is your windows installed in? Do you see the chinese letters only at the end of the file?

  • Hi there, you should delete these lines from the file. If you don’t get access permission try searching for Notepad first -> right click run as admin and open the Hosts file from the inside Open menu.

  • Hi,

    I don’t find these entries to be malicious but if you have any doubts you can always just copy/paste the contents of your hosts file into another .txt file (make a back-up of sorts) and delete them from hosts. If you are not happy with the result just paste them back.

  • Hi,

    What browser are you using? Do you have problems with a single one or with a number of them?

    • Our team found out that these are actually local hosts and they are legit, so don’t worry about them.

    • Hi Parvathy,
      these IPs are legit. We researched them and they are harmless. Contact us if you have other questions.

  • Hi Mickey,
    you should delete that IP. Do you have more like this one? If you have, post them in the comments again to check them.

  • You are most welcome Mikka. Remember if you have any suspicious activities on your system we are here to help 🙂

      • Hi again,
        at this point i suggest to you to download our software from one of the banners above and use the free scan feature. The scammer will locate any infected file where you can delete it manually. Keep us posted if you need further assistance.

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