.Todarius Virus

This page aims to help you remove .Todarius Virus Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Todarius file can be recovered.

Most forms of malware target the computer system, trying to corrupt it in some way, or they seek to gather sensitive information related to the computer’s user. However, when it comes to Ransomware threats like the one called .Todarius, the main goal of the infection is different. Instead of harming something in your computer, a Ransomware virus would try to lock the screen of the machine or the files that are on its hard drives. This separates the Ransomware threats into two main groups – the screen-lockers and the cryptoviruses. The screen-lockers may sound like the scarier of the two subtypes but are actually the ones that are easier to deal with. On the other hand, the so-called cryptoviruses (.Todarius belongs to them) are among the nastiest and most problematic forms of malware you could possibly get attacked by. Their main goal is to encrypt your files which would then allow the people behind them to blackmail you for the access to the encrypted data. If you don’t really have any important or valuable files stored in your computer, a Ransomware cryptovirus attack may not be such a huge issue. However, most people do indeed have some form of important data inside of their computers and in the majority of cases, the said important data isn’t properly backed up. The lack of backups is precisely what allows the hackers behind cryptovirus infections such as .Todarius to ruthlessly blackmail their victims until a ransom payment is made. The hackers’ offer is simple: you pay them the money they request and they send you a special access key capable of unlocking all of the locked files. This is how pretty much all Ransomware cryptoviruses function and it’s also what has likely happened to your files if you have landed .Todarius.

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.Todarius File Virus Ransomware

 The ransom payment – is it worth it?

Normally, the way the users first learn about the presence of the Ransomware in their systems a well as about the money demand issued by the hackers is through a pop-up banner displayed on their computers screens. This banner gets generated immediately after the encryption of the files gets finished – before that, one could hardly see any actual infection symptoms (which makes Ransomware so incredibly difficult to counteract on time). The message inside the banner normally states that the victim needs to issue the payment within a certain deadline (normally couple of days). There are usually detailed instructions provided that explain how the money is to be paid. A typical requirement is that the currency used to make the payment is BitCoin (or some other similar cryptocurrency).

If you are currently in this unpleasant situation and are asking yourself if it’s a good idea to actually pay, know that sending your money won’t guarantee that the encrypted data would get unlocked as there’s nothing that can guarantee you that the hackers would stay true to their word. This is why we suggest you remove .Todarius with the help of our guide and take a look at the suggested alternative methods of file-recovery.


Name .Todarius
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

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Remove .Todarius File Virus Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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