Treasure Track Ads Virus

This article aims to help users remove Treasure Track Ads from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, as well as their respective system.

Remove Treasure Track Ads

What we have in the face of Treasure Track Ads is a typical malware virus. Its main function is to create advertisement and populate your screen with them without your permission. The most common trigger for creating these Ads is when you load a page or link while browsing, so the Ads pop very often and quickly become a nuisance. Unfortunately this is not the only function of Treasure Track Ads – it may also try to sell you bloatware or other useless programs and in some cases even virus applications. Follow your instructions as underlined below in order to safely handle Treasure Track Ads and permanently remove it.


  • Click on the Ads – some offers may be legitimate, but it is also possible to land on infected phishing sites that will try to copy your log-in details for the real sites they impersonate and steal your billing information or make purchases in your name.
  • Download and install anything that Treasure Track Ads offers you – especially free software. If these aren’t infected with viruses they are likely bloatware – they will falsely claim you have problems with your machine and demand payment before they fix the problem – but in fact there is no problem and the program does nothing at all.

Methods of spreading

By far the most common method of the spreading of malware viruses like Treasure Track Ads are the bundled program applications. These days it is typical for the installers of many programs to also install additional software beside the main piece. Usually those will be demos, trials of free programs from the same developer company, but often enough those could be malwares too. This practice happens more commonly with indie developers and free software, but could also happen with pro software too – if the installer is not obtained from the official site.

For this reason it is prudent to always use the Advanced/Expanded installation option. It is no more complicated then the quick default option if you just press next a couple of times, but in the meantime will also show you what exactly is getting installed and also allow you to block it. We recommend that you always block the installations of Apps you don’t really need or look suspicious.

Remove Treasure Track Ads Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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    • Hi Frans,

      Simply delete them and then save the file. Please let me know if you have any problems while doing this, sometimes the virus can mess with file permissions.

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