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We Know AC

If ads, banners, flashy pop-ups and intrusive page-redirects are disrupting every single browsing session that you start and if the browser that you typically use has had a number of changes imposed on it without you having agreed to them, then know that the most likely source of this intrusiveness is a browser hijacker. There are many thousands of hijackers on the Internet and pretty much every day new ones get made. However, in this specific post, we will focus on one called We Know AC – it is a new hijacker that is currently on the browsers of many users. Unlike regular add-ons for browsers, hijackers like this one are able to get attached to all kinds of browsers, Safari, Firefox and Chrome being the most commonly target ones.

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We Know AC Browser Redirect

Once a hijacker is installed inside the browser, certain changes in the search engine, the addresses for the homepage and the new-tab page as well as in the toolbar are likely to occur. The purpose of those changes imposed by the hijacker is to make the advertising campaign conducted by it more effective. For instance, the new search engine added by the hijacker will likely favor and promote sites and pages that the hijacker itself is trying to promote. The new homepage will also probably be some web address that is supposed to get advertised by We Know AC or that shows a lot of ads on your screen. The situation with the toolbar may be similar. All in all, you can expect a lot of disturbance caused by a constant generation and display of annoying commercial messages all over your screen if you have the We Know AC Virus hijacker inside your computer. We may have some good news for you, though. The instructions included in the removal guide down below as well as the highly effective removal tool are both perfect options for uninstalling We Know AC and removing anything that it may have added to your browser.

Security concerns

The safety of your computer is unlikely to get directly threatened by We Know AC Virus since this is not a virus, a Trojan or a Ransomware infection – it is nothing more than an advertising tool that seeks to make money through its aggressive ads. These same ads, however, may indeed be unsafe in some occasions if they are linked with shady and hazardous sites and pages. It is, therefore, better to stay away from them and not click on them. Otherwise, you may indeed put your computer at risk of getting attacked by a nasty virus or another malware threat like a Ransomware, a Trojan or a Rootkit. You really don’t need that kind of stuff in your computer which is why it’s always best if you keep a safe distance from the adverts. Of course, doing that would be much easier if there are simply no intrusive ads in your browser which brings us back to the importance of quickly removing the hijacker responsible for them from your computer. In that way, you will greatly reduce the risk of exposing your machine to any dangerous and harmful malware.


Name We Know AC
Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove We Know AC Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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