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Results Value

Results Value is a rogue extension preventing users from using their preferred search engine, while installing its own. Results Value is in reality a malware of the browser hijacker class.

Results Value

The Results Value Virus will display pop up ads and messages

A new ad-generating and page-redirecting piece of software has recently been reported to our “How to remove” team. The application is called Results Value Virus and could become part of your system in a number of ways if you are not careful. If you are have this piece on your PC and you have been getting bombarded by its never-ending stream of ads, pop-ups, page-redirects and banners, then it might be relieving to know that the security experts do not classify it as some nasty virus the rank of Ransomware or Trojans. Instead, Results Value is seen as a browser hijacker that has the purpose of generating profits for its creators from pay-per-click ads and sponsored page-redirects. In order to do its advertising job more effectively, Results Value Virus typically make changes to the users’ default browser (it could be Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) and a new homepage, search engine, a promoted toolbar or some other add-ons and buttons, without asking for approval. You can easily notice these changes right away because they appear the very moment you open your browser.  Luckily, there is a relatively easy and risk-free way to uninstall the unwanted toolbars and components and to remove the nagging ads once and for all. In fact, in the next paragraph, we have prepared a detailed removal guide and a dedicated Results Value Virus removal tool, which could help even a non-experienced computer user get rid of the browser hijacker and its disturbance. Take a look at them and, in case that you have questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment in the comments section at the end.

ResultsValue targets Mac

ResultsValue is primarily found on macOS machines, particularly Mojave. It is a direct results of the new wave of malware that has been plaguing macs in the past year.

To your relief, the way that Browser hijacker-based applications behave is not illegal and does not pose a direct danger to the system. Unlike real threats such as Trojans, Ransomware, and similar nasty viruses which are clearly created to cause harm, pieces of software like Results Value are unlikely to affect anything else on your machine except your default browser. In most of the cases, the users consider their activity as very annoying because the constant ad-generation and page-redirects can greatly disturb their normal browsing experience and can expose them to aggressive offers, links, and websites that they didn’t have any intention to interact with. Some people get irritated by the endless flow of ads that spam their screen the very moment they open their browser, while others fear that they may click on something malicious and land on insecure web locations. This explains why so many users are looking for safe and reliable methods of removing the hijacker and uninstalling its page-redirecting components from their computers. However, few people pay attention when it comes to browser hijacker installation prevention because they usually perform careless installations of software bundles and different free installers or download pirated software without. Be sure not to do this as it is how applications like Results Value may end up on your machine.


Name Tasksche.exe
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Results Value Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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