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This page aims to help you remove Reveton Ransomware Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any Reveton file can be recovered.

Handling a Ransomware PC virus infection could be a serious challenge to even the most experienced of users which is why it is important that all of our readers are well acquainted with the specifics of such malware threats. Currently, Ransomware cryptoviruses hold one of the top places when it comes to how dangerous and problematic they are compared to other malware forms. The cryptoviruses are one of the two main Ransomware subgroups, the other one being the screen-locking Ransomware. Instead of blocking the access to your screen like the screen-lockers do, the cryptoviruses go after your personal data files and implement a sophisticated encryption code in order to render them inaccessible to the user. Naturally, once the process of locking your data is completed, you’d be harassed into issuing a ransom payment. If you make the payment, the hackers would supposedly provide you with a special key – this key is supposed to be able to unlock your files making them accessible again. This is the way most cryptoviruses are used by their creators and Reveton Ransomware, one of the latest Ransomware cryptovirus representatives, is no exception. Since this is one of the newest versions of Ransomware, we have decided to make it our main focus in this article. A lot of unfortunate users have already gotten to meet this cyber threat and have had their data files rendered inaccessible by it. Therefore, here we will try to help anyone of you who might have had their system infiltrated by Reveton Ransomware deal with the threat and potentially restore the sealed files without having to resort to the ransom payment option. If you currently have the insidious virus on your computer, we advise you to stay with use to the end of this post and make use of the info we are about to provide you with.

Options in the case of a Ransomware attack

Sadly, if a virus like Reveton has already managed to lock up your most important files, your possible courses of action towards handling this problem are really limited. Now, the first thing that might come to mind in such a situation might be go for the payment and be over with it. However, although this might sound like a reasonable option, especially if the requested sum isn’t too high and also if the locked files are really valuable, you need to understand something – the hackers behind the Ransomware that has attacked you are in no way concerned about whether or not you’d ever get your files recovered. Of course, in many cases they would keep their promise of sending you the decryption details but can you really count on that? Bear in mind that there are no guarantees whatsoever that if you pay you’d receive the needed decryption key and if you don’t get it, you’d have simply wasted your money for no reason whatsoever. That is why we have another suggestion for you – down below, there is a detailed removal guide for Reveton. Within the said guide, there are a couple of recommended data recovery methods that you can try to get your files back without executing the ransom payment. Unfortunately, we cannot promise you that the restoration techniques would always work but at least you’d be able to get rid of the virus and prevent it from encryption any more data on your PC. Remember, it is almost always in your best interest to try all possible alternatives before you even consider paying. Only go for the ransom option if nothing else seems to have worked and only if you so desperately need the locked files that you’d be willing to take such a risk.

What you need to remember in order to protect your PC against Ransomware in future

Viruses like Reveton usually get distributed throughout the internet via methods like spam letters with infected attachments, illegal software or software that is pirated, malvertising and other forms of malicious social engineering. One other really common method of getting more computers infected with infections such as Reveton is when a Trojan virus is used to backdoor the Ransomware inside the targeted computer in which case the user would have little to no way of detecting the infection. Actually, in most instances of a Ransomware cryptovirus infection there are little to no visible symptoms which makes it really tricky to spot such threats in time. That is why it is simple better to keep your computer system safe by being careful what you interact with on the Internet and making sure to avoid any online content that doesn’t seem like it is reliable and safe. Also, if you really want to ensure that no Ransomware could get to your most important files, get them backed up and that way you will always have safe copies of them whenever you need them.


Name Reveton
Type Ransomware
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Reveton Ransomware Virus Removal

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