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This page aims to help you remove Rp.gwallet.com “Malware” . Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

In the paragraphs below we have collected and summarized all the information that you have to know about Rp.gwallet.com “Malware”. This version of a browser hijacker is normally a harmless program, even though it’s deeply annoying with the possible modifications of your browsers that it could render. Such modifications may include the broadcast of some unwanted pop-up ads when you are trying to explore the Internet. What’s more, some redirecting processes could also occur. In addition, all your default homepages/ search engines might change and some new ones might get displayed. Furthermore, this kind of software could really affect all your browser apps – neither Chrome, nor Firefox and Explorer are immune to such an infection.

Contrary to what you could be expecting, Rp.gwallet.com and the other representatives of this software category  aren’t really dangerous in any way. Indeed, some of the already created hijackers could show some odd and suspicious features like the aforementioned ones, which may really irritate you. Nonetheless, even these program’s capabilities of using the history records of your browser apps in order to match the ad flow to your alleged interests aren’t a reason serious enough to classify this type of software as malicious.

But what should you expect from Rp.gwallet.com “Malware” particularly? Generally speaking, Rp.gwallet.com could function as a typical hijacker. It cannot do anything more to your computer than what has already been said in the previous passages. Again, this program is just marketing-oriented and cannot really cause much trouble, simply lots of irritation, but that’s all. Also, the process of developing hijackers is normal and legitimate, which helps programmers make more money, and manufacturers – get whatever they offer advertised online.

What is NOT typical of any hijacker infection?

Nothing really dangerous and bothering such as data encryption or destruction is possible when we talk about Rp.gwallet.com. This program really differs from the standard Trojan and Ransomware-like viruses to a serious extent. To give you an example, this version of software is practically unable to access anything on your PC; neither directories, nor separate files, except for the info about your recent online searches. Completely on the contrary, Trojans and Ransomwares are very likely to get access to the whole system and corrupt or damage some of its components. What makes the existing browser hijackers and the known virus types even more different from each other are the way both software types may get distributed. While Trojans and Ransomwares normally invade your PC in a rather automatic way, Rp.gwallet.com can NEVER be installed without your (willing or unwilling) permission.

Where do browser hijackers normally hide?

When discussing the possible means of distributing hijackers, we need to say that there might be tens of different sources. Nonetheless, some of them are more common than others and we are going to discuss them here:

  • Shareware/ torrents: hijackers and Adware may be found inside shareware and torrents;
  • Any form of spam: clicking on a cyber-ad, which comes to your browser tab unwanted, could lead to an infection with a hijacker and the production of many other annoying ads.;
  • Contagious websites: at times some web platforms may contain ad-generating software and you might catch it via directly or indirectly downloading and installing something from such a website.
  • The most usual hijacker sources are the program bundles. These are combos of apps, programs and games that you can download and use freely. Often such mixes contain ad-producing programs like Rp.gwallet.com. More precisely, you can’t catch any hijacker merely via downloading a free bundle from the web, the exact way to get infected is to install the entire bundle improperly.

The perfect installation process of any piece of software:

It is very important to keep this tip in mind. By doing so you will be gaining some healthy surfing and computing habits. The heart of the right installation process is simply to choose the proper installer feature. For that purpose, we advise you to always avoid the ones that will install the whole bundle such as the “Quick”, the “Default” and the “Recommended” ones. Instead of these ones, install only what you really want using the following features: the “Customized”, the “Advanced”, or the “Manual” one.

The process of removing Rp.gwallet.com:

Fortunately, such contamination may be counteracted in case you follow the appropriate instructions. Luckily, we have already managed to collect them all in our Removal Guide below.


Name Rp.gwallet.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Rp.gwallet.com “Malware” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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