Rxx Ransomware


Rxx is a virus program of the ransomware type. This makes Rxx among the most dangerous and most harmful threats that you can encounter on the internet.


The Rxx Virus will encrypt your files

Furthermore, Rxx belongs to the file-encrypting subcategory of ransomware, which is the worst of them all. What this means is that once it infects your machine, the virus will begin to scan it for certain popular file types. For instance, this may be text documents, images, videos, audios, whole databases, etc. Then it compiles a list of the files it finds, and proceeds to create encrypted copies of each and every one of them. The originals are then deleted and all that’s left is a whole lot of completely unrecognizable data that cannot be used for anything.

Once the whole process is complete, the virus generates a note on the screen of the computer to inform the user of the malicious act that has taken place. And most importantly, it provides instructions on how to pay a certain amount of money in order to receive a decryption key. This decryption key, in turn, is what you need in order to reverse the decryption and once again be able to access your own data. However, the hackers usually try to scare you into paying up quickly so you don’t have time to think for yourself.

And in truth, we have to admit that paying the ransom amount isn’t the wisest course of action. There is a chance that you may be able to restore your files using other methods. We have listed some of them in the second part of the removal guide that you will find below. However, before you attempt any of them, be sure to follow the instructions in the first part, in order to safely remove Rxx from your computer.

The Rxx virus

The Rxx virus doesn’t harm the files on the infected computer. Instead, the Rxx virus only encrypts them and this prevents any antivirus software from interfering with the process or even notifying the user about it.

This is a very treacherous instance and in part what ensures such an amazing success rate that this malware category enjoys. The only effective way to protect your files from such attacks is by creating backups on separate drives or even on a cloud service, although the latter is perhaps a little less safe.

The Rxx file distribution

If you’re wondering how you may have been infected with the Rxx file, it could have been through a malvertisement. Hackers heavily rely on malvertisements for the Rxx file distribution, alongside spam messages. What this means is that you may have at some point clicked on an online ad that had been compromised by the cyber criminals and was injected with the ransomware virus.

Alternatively, if you had opened an email attachment or clicked on a link in some spam message, that is what could have landed you the infection as well. With that in mind, we should point out that ransomware often requires a Trojan horse to act as a backdoor for it. So it may be a good idea to scan your system for Trojans after you’ve dealt with Rxx.



Name Rxx
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Rxx Ransomware

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You can find the removal guide here.

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