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The quality of your time spent online heavily depends on how effective your browser is and how suited it is to your personal preferences. Some people like to have a lot of bookmarks and useful add-ons, while others would prefer to have a clean and fast browser for optimal effectiveness. However, what certainly no one likes is having their Safari, Chrome, Firefox or other browser program modified without their permission and filled with obstructive content that is neither useful nor beneficial to the customer. Unfortunately, there’s a whole class of programs that tend to do exactly that – they invade one’s browser and change its homepage, search engine while also adding new toolbars and causing irritating and frequent page redirects that no one has asked for. Most researchers refer to this sort of software as Browser Hijackers and today we are here to tell you about a newly released such application called S.thebrighttag.com “Malware”. Similarly to other programs of this category, S.thebrighttag.com “Malware”, too, is known for its intrusiveness and ability to interrupt the normal online experience of users who have had the misfortune of landing this program on their computers. If you are one of those unlucky users, you’d probably be happy to hear that down below this article, we have provided our readers with a detailed instructional guide which contains a number of steps that will help you uninstall the pesky piece of programming so that it wouldn’t bother you any more. Just make further acquaint yourself with Browser Hijackers by reading the remainder of the article itself before going to the removal manual – the information here will greatly help you in any potential future encounters with Browser Hijackers.

Malware and Hijackers

It is debatable whether or not a program like S.thebrighttag.com “Malware” should be referred to as malware. On one hand, it is indeed unpleasant and irritating and could also possess certain security risks if the user isn’t careful around it. On the other hand, there is a big difference between real viruses that seek to harm your computer or mess with your personal data such as Trojan horses or Ransomware cryptoviruses. However, regardless of how you’d like to refer to them, Browser Hijackers are certainly not the works form of undesirable software that you can land on your PC. The truth is that those applications are primarily developed to serve as marketing tools and this is also how they benefit their creators. By implementing a number of online advertising techniques through which a substantial amount of money could be generated as long as the Hijacker reaches enough users. Surely, the methods that this type of software is known to utilize are rather unpleasant for the regular users, yet, most of the time, Hijackers shouldn’t pose a direct threat to the affected computer’s security.

Being cautious

Despite the relative harmlessness of most Hijackers, users still need to be aware of the potential risks that a lot of these programs might hide. The different changes to your browser program as well as the frequent redirects could put your system at risk if you aren’t careful enough. What we would recommend here is that you avoid using or interacting with anything that comes from the Hijacker. For example, do not use the custom search engine or toolbar that it might have added to your browser and do not click on anything inside the websites that you might get redirected to (instead, simply close those, preferably, via your Task Manager). Remember, that there’s always the chance that you might get sent to some harmful and dangerous website if you happen to click on the wrong thing. Normally, the best course of action as soon as you find out that there’s a Hijacker on your PC is taking the necessary measures towards removing it from your machine. For that reason, we strongly advise you to make use of our guide manual and eliminate the pesky program in order to protect your PC from actual malware threats like Ransomware and Trojans.

Protecting your machine

You must learn to keep your system safe by not exposing it to any unnecessary risks while surfing the net. Be careful and do not visit any web-addresses which might be illegal and hazardous and avoid opening links or file attachments from e-mail or social network messages if you aren’t sure that they are perfectly safe and harmless. Also, the next time you are about to install anything new on your machine, take a moment and see what or if there are any optional installs. Any bundled applications that might seem unreliable and unwanted must be unchecked before you proceed to the next step of the installation in order to prevent them from getting on your PC.


Name S.thebrighttag.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

S.thebrighttag.com “Malware” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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