Safari cannot open the page

“Safari cannot open the pageis a commonly encountered browser error that prevents Safari users from reaching a given page. There could be different reasons for the appearance of the Safari cannot open the pageerror message. Here, we will address the most common ones and we will tell you how you can fix the problem and visit the page in question. This applies to Mac computers as well as to iPhones and iPads.

Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid

If there is a typo in the URL address of the site you are trying to reach, this could sometimes lead to the appearance of the Safari cannot open the pagemessage. In some cases, the browser would still open the desired page even if theres a typo in the URL but its also possible that you get the error message instead. Therefore, its a good idea to check the URL and see if it has been written correctly.

Also, note that sometimes websites change their domain so the site you are trying to visit may no longer have the same URL as before. In this case, you may have to do some looking around to find the needed address and type in your browser’s omnibox.

Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found

One of the most common reasons why the Safari cannot open the pageerror message may appear in your browser is related to the lack of good Internet connection. Check the strength of your Wi-Fi connection or that of your phone reception if you are using an iPhone. If it turns out that the problem is in your Internet connection, try restarting the router (if you access to it) or, if you are using your mobile data, try finding a place with better reception. Also, in some cases, restarting the device may help as well. If you are seeing the error “safari cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server” follow the link here to our other guide to try and fix your problem.

Connection interruptions

Sometimes, a momentary connection issue that gets resolved instantly could prevent your browser from properly loading a given page. In such cases, a simple page refresh may be enough to open the desired web address. Click/tap on the Refresh button in your Safari or press and hold the Option button from your keyboard (if you are using Mac) and see if the page loads this time.

Outdated software

Your Safari or your devices OS may be outdated, leading to the browsers inability to load certain pages. In such cases, try updating to the latest versions of your browser and OS. You can check for Safari updates in the App Store. 

If the latest versions have already been installed, then the issue probably stems from elsewhere.

The page is blocked in your country

Some sites and pages cannot be reached from certain countries but nowadays you can easily get around this issue by using a VPN service. There are many different VPN services out there, both free and paid, just pick one that suits your needs and go for it. Certain browsers, such as Opera, even have built-in VPN services.

Other fixes

If none of the suggested fixes for specific problems shown above have helped you, try some of those general solutions that are oftentimes used to fix different browser-related issues.

Restart the browser

One of the most simplistic fixes for various issues, but it is oftentimes enough to resolve a given problem.

Clear your Safaris cache and site data

Overstuffed browser cache could lead to all kinds of issues so its a good idea to clean your Safari every now and then. 

To do that on Mac, open the browsers main menu, go to Preferences > Privacy and then select Remove all website data. Confirm the action and wait for your browser to get cleaned – if you havent done that in a while (or ever), you may need to wait for a couple of minutes.

On iPhone and iPads, open the Settings app, then go to Safari and tap on Clear History and Website Data and confirm the action.

Note: By clearing your browser data, you will now have to reenter any saved usernames and passwords on sites that require login.

Change the browser

If nothing else helps, you could try to use another browser. There are certain sites that aren’t compatible with Safari (although those are rare). If you are able to open the desired page from another browser, then the issue likely stems from something specific for Safari and not from some other problem with your system.

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