Safe Search Mac

Safe Search Mac

Safe Search is a Mac browser hijacker – a form of junkware focused on aggressive site-promotion through automatic page redirects. Safe Search can get installed in any Mac browser, take over its homepage and search engine, and begin to redirect the browser to the sites that sponsor its creators.

Safe Search Mac

The Safe Search Mac Virus will make unwanted changes to the browser it has infected.

Most users aren’t willing to put up with the invasive advertising actions of apps like this browser hijacker. Some people even fear that the hijacker might be something more serious, such as a virus, a Trojan, or a Ransomware infection. While most browser hijackers, compared to the aforementioned forms of malware, are relatively harmless, it is important to not allow them to keep spamming your browser with their ads and site-promoting redirects. Even though the hijacker may not be damaging on its own, the content and sites it may promote in your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox could sometimes be potentially hazardous.

SafeSearch for Mac

SafeSearch for Mac is a rogue junkware app of the browser-hijacking variety that will try to flood your Mac’s main browser with aggressive ads. SafeSearch for Mac will also attempt to scan your browsing history in order to acquire valuable advertising data.

Even though nowadays this browser-tracking practice has become extremely common and most people accept it as something normal, most sites and apps that rely on it at least explicitly state that they are keeping tabs on the user’s browsing and search history, while also providing different options to limit the amount and types of data which can be collected from the browser. However, when a browser hijacker tracks your browsing activities, it oftentimes does this without the knowledge of the user and also without offering any options for controlling the collection of browsing data. This, in turn, oftentimes leads to the gathering of information from the browser that the user would otherwise prefer to keep private.

What is Safe Search Mac?

Safe Search Mac is a specialized software tool for online advertising of different sites and products that experts label as potentially unwanted. What makes Safe Search Mac unwanted is its automatic page redirects to the sites it’s supposed to promote, its many popups and the unwanted changes it makes in the browser.

As we stated earlier in the article, this hijacker doesn’t have any functions and/or abilities that can directly damage your computer. However, it is still seen as a potentially unsafe app due to the unpredictable nature of its ads and site redirects. It is not impossible for such an app to suddenly redirect the user to an unsafe webpage that contains illegal software or maybe even malware such as disguised Trojan horse viruses or stealthy Ransomware.

The Safe Search Mac app

The Safe Search Mac app is a malware/junkware app that operates as a site-advertising tool. The Safe Search Mac app will keep flooding your screen with page-redirect links and screen-wide banners and it will also make unwelcome changes in the settings of your main browser.

Internet security experts agree that apps like this one are to be removed if the user wishes to keep their computer safe and protected against the different threats that may target it if the hijacker is allowed to remain in the system. Therefore, our advice for those of you with Safe Search Mac on their Macs is to make use of the following removal instructions and, thereby, ensure the uninstallation of the hijacker. 


Name Safe Search Mac
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Safe Search Mac Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.



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