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This page aims to help you remove the Salsa222  Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any Salsa222 file can be recovered.

If you have recently got a notification with similar content to this: “Your files have been encrypted. In order to get them back, please continue reading and complete the necessary payment of an amount of money in such and such currency to this or that account. In case you don’t proceed with the needed payment on time, your encrypted files will never be accessible to you again”, your PC has been contaminated by a Ransomware virus called Salsa222 File Virus. In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss all its unpleasant and bothering effects, as well as all the potential dangers that come from the infection inflicted by it.

Beware: the most awful viruses you can ever catch are from the Ransomware family:

Salsa222 File Virus and its similar viruses do bring great danger to your system. They represent the most intrusive cyber threats, which can infiltrate your PC without either your knowing or unknowing approval. If you are wondering how they can do that, it will probably happen with the “polite support” of another malicious program – a Trojan. The Trojan horse virus looks for a weak spot in your system and if there is any, it finds it. Then it welcomes Salsa222 File Virus inside your PC. Right after these two malicious programs are inside your computer, they begin to implement their own plans. The Ransomware-type virus creates a very elaborate list of all the data that is used most commonly based on a research on your disks and drives. Following that, all the enlisted data gets locked up. A complex key consisting of two parts is used. The hackers that have attacked you and your device are usually “polite enough” to grant you the Public part of the encryption key. But in order for you to get the second one, however, they will typically make you pay. You will realize that you are being blackmailed right after you notice the ransom-demanding notification on your monitor, which resembles the one mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article.

How does such a malicious program get distributed?

Nearly everything on the web could be a possible source of Salsa222 File Virus. It loves lurking mainly inside spam letters in your emails and possibly – attachments of these letters. Also, we may often find such a virus on contagious web sites and suspicious-looking torrents, videos and shareware webpages. No matter how exactly you have come across this Ransomware, you might have also been infected with the potential Trojan version that may come with it via an email or its attachment.

What to do in order to defeat such a malicious infection?

Such a contamination could be practically impossible to remove. In fact, even any experts often find it incredibly difficult to treat Ransomware-inflicted infections. The reason why such infections need to be treated with caution is that even the removal of the infection itself will not be enough to decrypt the locked-up data and it might end up being lost forever. Every infected user should make their own decision about whether they want to try to remove this virus and risk their locked-up files; or whether they simply want to pay the ransom and hope for the best, but still risk both their encoded files and their money. What you have just read sounds devastating but it is true: even if the ransom is paid, the criminals may never restore your access to the affected files. The worst part about catching such a virus is the uncertainty about the future of your data. Always remember that whatever you decide, that data may be permanently deleted, which might really be unfortunate.

Still, you can do something:

What we think is the right thing to do is to avoid paying any money to any criminals as the ones bothering you now with their ransom demands. No correspondence should be going on between you and these hackers, as if you agree to comply with their rules, you will agree to fund their illegal business. Paying the required money will simply encourage them to make money in the same way, and to disturb many innocent users on the web just like you. That’s why, our advice is to resort to alternatives, because whatever you do, you will risk it all. For that purpose, do not pay your blackmailers and try to save your files and remove Salsa222 File Virus by using our Removal Guide at the bottom of this page. Hopefully, it will solve your issues with this malicious program. However, we cannot promise for sure that it will be what you need to cure the infection. Still, it’s worth a try! Good luck!



Name Salsa222
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

Remove Salsa222 File Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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