Scarab Ransomware


This page aims to help you remove Scarab Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Scarab  file can be recovered.

Ransomware-based malicious programs definitely represent the worst cyber threat that you can possibly encounter at the present moment, especially in case you are not very careful while browsing the web. Such viruses can and will invade your system, scan all its disks and drives, and find out which files you tend to regularly use. After that, all of the files defined as important will end up encrypted and you will be rendered unable to access any of them. Later on, a ransom is going to be extorted from you in exchange for your locked-up files. This truly terrible description is about Scarab – an exact file-encrytping Ransomware virus, which is the precise topic of the article below. 


Scarab Ransomware

Today’s online evil – Ransomware

Ransomware represents a kind of harmful software, which affects your important data exactly as we have explained above. Surely, not all Ransomware viruses are capable of encrypting files, though, as there could be many subcategories of this malicious software. What is common among them all, however, is the fact that the cyber criminals behind such contamination processes are normally just after your money, and they often have no intention to recover your access to your encrypted data. That’s what you should definitely bear in mind when dealing with such a malicious threat.

Ransomware subcategories:

Ransomware as a whole, as we have explained above, includes all the viruses that infect your computer, after which they require that you should pay some money so as to undo the dangerous things that have been done to your system. Nonetheless, the essence of the possible harm could be varying and diverse, and the targeted devices could be just as different:

  • Screen locking Ransomware will attack just your PC screen. It can’t do anything evil to your data there; however, the virus can project an entire-desktop message, in this way making you not able to access anything covered by this alert. Typically, such a notification will include info about the fact that your screen has been locked up and you need to pay for unblocking it.
    • Mobile device targeting Ransomware infects mobile devices. Its manner of working looks like the one of the screen-lock category, as it prevents your access to your device by producing a message covering the entire screen. The scheme from that moment on is the same – you have to pay to unblock the device’s screen.
    • The most widely spread data-encrypting Ransomware is the type which will encrypt your files and threaten to destroy them if you refuse to pay the demanded amount of money to the hackers. This is probably the top evil subcategory of Ransomware because it can really delete or block your affected files for good.

    Scarab is a representative of the file-encoding Ransomware subtype mentioned last. This virus represents a program that can sneak into your computer without needing your approval – even without an uninformed one. After that, this frightening software defines which files you consider essential via reviewing all of your inner and outer data storage space and after that proceeds with its complicated encryption process.

    Manners of distributing Scarab Ransomware :

    If you don’t know how you may get contaminated by such an awful malicious program, it can happen in many possible ways. For example, torrents and shareware could carry the virus. It could also be included on certain contagious websites and once you visit one of them, the malware comes as a drive-by download to your machine. One more possibility is when the virus is put inside a spam email or any of its attachments that are sent by hackers pretending to be legitimate companies, etc.

    What to do in case of an infection:

    Firstly, don’t pay the ransom as soon as possible. As it has been explained before, that doesn’t guarantee you the safe decryption of your hijacked data. Second of all, go to an expert for help. There are people who have sufficient experience counteracting such malware and may really be helpful. Lastly, you can always try to remove this threat via a Removal Guide (see the one we are offering just below). Once again, doing so cannot in any way guarantee the successful decryption of files, however, it never hurts to simply give it a try and it won’t harm your PC.


    Name Scarab
    Type Ransomware
    Detection Tool

Scarab Ransomware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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