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Trojan horses are a type of malware that is widely used by hackers and cyber-criminals for a wide variety of different harmful and illegal tasks. Due to its versatility and stealthiness, this type of virus has come to become one of the most commonly encountered software threats. If you are reading this article, then you’ve most likely had your machine invaded by Scrinject.b – a newly released Trojan horse virus. Here, we can aid you in removing the malware from your PC but you must make sure to read everything prior to our Scrinject.b Trojan removal guide. The next several paragraphs contain essential information regarding the most important aspects of this virus in particular and the Trojan horse category, as a whole.

Are there any symptoms

In all honesty, a Trojan horse infection is indeed really difficult to notice manually. Note that these viruses cause little to no symptoms and in some instances, there will be no signs of the infection whatsoever. This is one of the main reasons why Trojans are so widely spread and commonly employed. Having said that, there are still certain potential symptoms that one should be able to recognize that we will mention in a moment. However, when it comes to spotting a Trojan horse such as Scrinject.b, having a high-quality antivirus/anti-malware program is mandatory or else, the virus might attack your computer without you having any idea about it.

  • Many types of malware are known to make the infected PC start behaving in a weird manner. What we mean by that is the computer might start to experience sudden and unexpected system errors, Blue Screen crashes, freezes, etc. If you notice any of those and you do not know what’s causing them, you should probably investigate the issue, since it might indeed be coming from a Trojan horse infection.
  • Another somewhat common infection symptom is an increased usage of system resources (most notably, RAM and CPU). Obviously, any program on your machine requires some amount of CPU time and virtual memory in order to remain active and viruses like Scrinject.b are no exception. An observant and attentive user would have a general idea of how much system resources are normally used on their PC and should be able to notice any unexpected increase of the consumed RAM and CPU.
  • Since a lot of Trojans are known to mess with the PC’s system, if you notice that there’s something out of place such as renamed, moved or deleted files and/or folders, there’s some chance that the changes might have been done by some nasty piece of malware the likes of Scrinject.b.

What are Trojans capable of?

Generally, Trojan horse viruses are used to infiltrate the victim’s system and thus expose it to other virus threats. The most notable of those other threats is currently the notorious Ransomware virus type. However, there are a lot of other issues one could potentially have, should a Trojan horse attack their machine. Here are some of the more noteworthy few examples:

  • A lot of Trojans excel at spying on their victims. There are quite a few potential espionage methods that a virus of this type might employ. The most common techniques are keystroke logging, the use of the victim’s webcam for spying directly on them and also monitoring the user’s screen.
  • This type is also perfectly capable of causing direct damage to the computer system and oftentimes rendering the machine utterly unusable. Generally, once the malware makes it inside the PC, it could issue all sorts of modifications to important OS files depending on what the virus’ purpose actually is.
  • Some Trojan horse viruses are also used to take control over their victim’s computer and use the machine for the hacker’s own purposes. For example, the PC might get turned into a spam-bot or a mining tool for bitcoins.

How can you stop them?

As far as removing Scrinject.b is concerned, you can find instructions on how to do that down below, within our removal guide. However, if you are interested in learning what it takes to fend off potential Trojan horse attacks so as to keep your machine secured, take a look at the following list of tips and rules.

  • As was mentioned in one of our previous paragraphs, having reliable protection software on your PC is probably one of the best methods for ensuring the protection of your machine. Therefore, we strongly advise you to equip your machine with a good anti-malware tool if you haven’t already done that.
  • Obviously, most users land Scrinject.b when they are not careful with the websites they visit and what they click upon when surfing the internet. Being cautious and thoughtful when surfing the World Wide Web is a must if you are to maintain a safe computer.
  • Apart from being very annoying, spam messages and junk mail could also be dangerous, since internet spam is one of the top most commonly used techniques for distributing Trojan horses. If you want to stay safe, be very careful with what messages/e-mails you open.
  • When you want to download something, you must only do it from sources that legit and legal. Using shady download sources is risky and is one of the most common causes for landing a Trojan horse.



Name Scrinject.b
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Scrinject.b Trojan Removal

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