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Search Myway 

Search Myway is problematic software that falls into the browser hijacker group. It is designed to “hijack” Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, but it can also affect other browsers as well. This app tries to get its victims to change their homepage or default search engine and claims that it provides an enhanced browsing experience and better search results.

The program promises not to monitor the user and improve browsing by providing the most accurate search results. However, we think this statement is deceptive. Once installed, Search Myway starts to redirect your browsing queries and provides its own search results when you try to search the net directly from the browser’s address bar. These results are often paid by companies that want certain pages, ads, pop-ups, and banners to appear in the users’ search results. The modified search results may contain links that point to some good offers, but you may also find results filled with dubious or dangerous links, which may contain viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and other nasty infection. That’s why we highly recommend that you rely on your own judgment and do not browse through suspicious sites. It looks like Search Myway is trying to make money through pay-per-click, but it does not care about the reliability of the links it promotes through the search engine. This is one reason not to recommend the use of the imposed search engine and we suggest you remove it by uninstalling the hijacker completely from your PC.

On top of all, these popping offers and links may seem to be magically matching your latest browsing queries. While this potentially unwanted program claims not to track user activity online and even to ignore your searches and history, we are afraid this is not true and you should better stop using Search Myway and uninstall it immediately. According to the program privacy policy, as soon as the user installs the product, the program begins to record information such as IP address, date and time of access, name, and URL of searched files, geo-marketing data, and more. In addition, this dubious free program recognizes the use of the information gathered to pass it on to a third party. It is clear, therefore, that the browser hijacker actually monitors users, and tends to transfer browsing information or uses it for its marketing purposes. So if you don’t want to be tracked and be constantly interrupted and redirected by various nagging pop-ups, free up space on your computer and remove Search Myway with the help of the instructions in the removal guide below.

How did I get infected with the browser hijacker?

First of all, you should remember that, although it is annoying, this browser hijacker is a legitimate program. So, it does not use illegal tricks to install on the victim’s computer and even may have an official website that users can visit and download the program. However, some people install the program without knowing, and that’s no surprise.

Most of the time, users install software like Search Myway and similar ad-generating applications alongside another free program, a video or audio player, an optimization tool or some attractive new software. This is mostly due to inattention by the user during the installation process, which usually provides several installation options from which users can choose. Normally, the developers automatically suggest the Standard options (or default/ primary/ automatic) as the most reliable and prompt the users to use them. In fact, these installation options contain agreements for the installation of other programs or “suggested software” alongside the main software, and these programs are usually adware, browser hijackers, and other dubious applications nobody wants to install. In some cases, malicious hackers may insert even nasty viruses like Trojans and Ransomware, so you should be very careful what you install. Needless to say, you need to use Manual or Advanced installation settings and unmark all proposed items one after the other. Continue with your installation only after making sure all the linked items are unmarked.

How do I remove Search Myway from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Please use the instructions provided below to remove the potentially unwanted program from affected browsers. You should not ignore the problem. Changing the afflicted browser to another will not allow you to escape this browser hijacker because it can affect multiple web browsers at once. Therefore, we recommend that you consider uninstalling Search Myway completely from your system. If you do not like the idea of removing the hijacker manually, you can quickly perform a system scan with an anti-spyware or anti-malware tool and allow it to eliminate the hijacker automatically. You can use the professional removal tool for that as it can easily detect all the related hijacker files and delete them within a few minutes.


Name Search Myway
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Search Myway Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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