SharePal Is not a Valid Integer Value Virus

SharePal Is not a Valid Integer Value

Odd and unusually aggressive ads, pop-ups and page-redirects have recently started to disturb your web surfing? If this is the case, then most probably an Adware such as SharePal “Virus” has been installed on your computer. On this page, you will find more information about the nature of this software and its characteristics, which is why we suggest you stay with us and learn how to remove it. It may seem really difficult to get rid of the never-ending stream of commercials but we have prepared a detailed Removal Guide below, which can definitely help you. First, however, let us tell you what exactly you are dealing with and if can SharePal “Virus” pose any danger to your PC.

Adware, in general, is a term, that describes ad-generating pieces of software, the sole purpose of which is to promote certain products, services, web pages or applications on the users’ screen during their normal web surfing. These pieces of software usually exploit popular Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browsing programs for their advertising purposes by forcing them to generate certain sponsored commercial messages. The ads that the users may see could come in the form of pop-ups, banners, blinking boxes, sponsored links, etc. Once clicked, they may often redirect the users to different promotional websites, sales platforms or ad-supported pages that generate money from pay-per-click and pay-per-view methods.

There are many Adware applications which operate in the above-mentioned way, but on this page, we will stop our attention on one particular representative of this software category called SharePal “Virus”. The moment this application becomes part of the system, not much can be done to stop the stream of its ads. As long as it remains on the computer, SharePal “Virus” will constantly try to trigger sponsored page-redirects and to spam the screen with various hard-to-remove commercials. The only surefire way to effectively get rid of its annoying ad interruptions is to completely uninstall all ad-generating code from the system.

If you currently have this application on your PC and it causes you disturbance, we suggest you follow the instructions in the Removal Guide below in order to eliminate it. Do not worry if you are not a computer specialist – dealing with an Adware is not all that complicated – after all, you aren’t dealing with some insidious Ransomware or Trojan Horse virus. If you still are not confident enough to follow the manual steps, the professional SharePal removal tool on this page can scan your computer and automatically deal with the Adware for you without any risk for the system.

SharePal generates pay-per-click revenue while disturbing you with its ads!

Oftentimes, adware applications are mistaken for computer viruses. In fact, we recently received a lot of reports from concerned users, who do not understand the intentions of SharePal and think that it’s actually some nasty and harmful malware infection. People usually think that this piece of software must be created to harm their system and expose them to fake ads or some sneaky Ransomware or Trojan horse transmitters. However, this isn’t really the truth. Neither SharePal nor most other Adware apps have the intention to cause harm. The primary goal of an app like this is to accumulate revenue for its developers thanks to Pay-Per-Click advertising and sponsored ads positioning. These methods of advertising are very common among the online-based businesses which, in the need to generate traffic, clicks, and exposure to their sites and products, usually pay the adware’s creators to promote their ads via applications like SharePal. Naturally, the more people click on the ads, the greater the revenue for both parties. That explains the aggressiveness of the ads, but in no way does this aggressiveness mean that the Adware would try to attack your PC or launch a harmful action. The moment the unwanted software gets completely uninstalled, all of its annoying interruptions and browsing-related disturbances will go away including the occasional browser crashes, the unresponsiveness and the automatic page-redirects.

Protection against ads invasion

Most Adware applications, including SharePal, could be found as bonus components in different application installers such as free bundles, game installers, free optimization tools, audio/video players, converters, torrents or add-ons. In order to prevent their installation, we advise our readers to carefully read the EULA and any small text or pre-selected checkboxes during the setup process. Also, instead of selecting the Automatic settings, it is highly recommended to choose the Advanced/Custom ones, because they will usually open a detailed menu, from where any potentially bundled Adware can be disabled. Overlooking the details may land you with some potentially unwanted apps and that’s why you should always pay close attention and choose the most detailed installation options.


Name SharePal
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

SharePal “Virus” Removal Guide

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You can find the removal guide here.


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  • additions to hosts

    103 .50 .162 .86 pagead2 .googlesyndication .com
    103 .50 .162 .86 s7 .addthis .com
    103 .50 .162 .86 contextual .media .net
    103 .50 .162 .86 connect .facebook .net
    103 .50 .162 .86 s3 .buysellads .com

    • All of those IP addresses must be deleted from your Hosts file so make sure you do that and then save the changes you made to the file.

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