Skillformatd will damage your computer

Skillformatd will damage your computer

“Skillformatd will damage your computer” is a type of software that attaches itself to Mac-compatible web browsers – without necessarily users knowing about it. “Skillformatd will damage your computer” can integrate with most types of browsers, including the most popular such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The Skillformatd malware on Mac

Once it has been installed in your system, “Skillformatd will damage your computer” will typically begin to meddle with the main browsing program’s settings. Thus, this type of software has become commonly known as browser hijackers. And there’s no way that the presence of this application will go unnoticed on your machine. You will know about it pretty much immediately as soon as it becomes active by noticing some rather drastic changes made to your browser’s appearance. Such are usually the change in your homepage and/or the default search engine, for example.

On top of that, software of this type has a tendency to spam users with various popups, banners and other types of online ads. Furthermore, it may also make your browser trigger page redirects to various sponsored websites that have paid to be promoted by the hijacker in question. To make matters worse, all of these changes implemented by “Skillformatd will damage your computer” will remain in place until the browser hijacker is removed from your system.

And as this can prove to be a rather challenging task, we have taken the liberty of putting together a removal guide that will help you along the way.

Skillformatd will damage your computer. for Mac

“Skillformatd will damage your computer” for Mac targets web browsing programs with the intention of converting them into online advertising platforms. Programs like “Skillformatd will damage your computer” for Mac are usually rooted in widely used remuneration models for online businesses like Pay Per Click.

This is why browser hijackers like “Skillformatd will damage your computer” usually display their ads in the most aggressive manner possible. Hence, it is usually quite difficult to maneuver past them when you see them on different websites, especially when they block important links and navigation buttons.

What is Skillformatd will damage your computer?

Users often confuse software like “Skillformatd will damage your computer” with viruses due to the aggressive advertising practices. However, “Skillformatd will damage your computer” is not dangerous does not possess any malicious qualities.

With that in mind, experts tend to categorize such applications as potentially unwanted. And that, in turn, means that they aren’t entirely harmless either. To be exact, it puts them right in between regular programs and dangerous malware such as ransomware and Trojan horse viruses, for example. And that is because browser hijackers don’t generally benefit the end user in any way, and instead they can worsen the quality of your browsing experience and even have detrimental long-term effects on the system in general. For instance, you may start experiencing slowdowns, browser freezes, etc.

The Skillformatd will damage your computer app

The “Skillformatd will damage your computer” app was most likely bundled in the setup of some other piece of software. This is a common technique used to distribute “undesirable” programs such as the “Skillformatd will damage your computer” app.

Usually, there is an option to remove such added components from software installers, but that will require that you opt for the advanced or custom settings. And there you should reach a separate step in the installation manager that will allow you to opt out of any additional elements.


Name“Skillformatd will damage your computer”
TypeAdware/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove “Skillformatd will damage your computer” from Mac

The following instructions will allow you to remove “Skillformatd will damage your computer” in two ways:

  • The manual instructions will allow you to remove it on your own by downloading 2 software suites which will show you the folders the threat is located in. Installing, scanning, and deleting everything will require 1-2 hours of your time, depending on your speed and the threat itself.
    Note: If “Skillformatd” has an in-built ability to restore itself on a restart, the manual steps will not prevent that. We recommend the automatic removal.
  •  Download SpyHunter for Mac (one of the apps used in the manual instructions), scan with it, and if you decide to use the program, it will likely require about 15-20 minutes. This, however, requires an active subscription for SpyHunter, which means either to use the trial version or purchase the software.

Removal instructions:
1. Download EtreCheck from the Appstore and scan for any “Skillformatd” unsigned files. Delete them. (You can skip this step altogether and download and scan with Spyhunter instead if you don’t want to double-check things).
2. Download and install Spyhunter for Mac. Scan for any malicious files.
3. The app will show you which files are infected. Either use SpyHunter to delete them for you (the automatic removal) or do it manually, which means tracking down each detected location by yourself and deleting the file.
4. In most cases start with /private/var/root/Library/Application Support/.”Skillformatd”/”Skillformatd”
5. In Finder press Shift+Command+G to open the Find window.
6. Search for the /var directory. Then proceed and look for the /root folder inside.
7. It will most likely be locked and you will need additional permissions to meddle with it.
8. Press command+I and scroll to sharing and permissions. Add your user name to permissions.
9. Now you should be able to access the /root folder and proceed and locate the /Library folder inside it. Proceed to do the same until you are inside the /Application Support folder.
10. It is possible that the folder you look for is hidden, if that is the case use command+shift+. to locate and find the file you want to delete.
11. Delete the “Skillformatd” file.
12. If none of this helps, try the steps in this guide


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