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This page aims to help you remove SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy). These SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

If you’ve reached this article it’s likely because your computer has been infected by a malicious application called SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) and you need help with its removal. SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) belongs to a family of semi-legal rogue applications called Adware. These programs specialize in displaying pop-up Ads and banners in your internet browser. Most of them, including SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy), can be hard to get rid of, as disabling their Chrome/Firefox/IE extension is unlikely to fix the problem permanently. We’ll give you all the necessary information to remove this pest in our removal guide found at the bottom of the article, but please don’t rush there just yet. It is important to learn some basic information about these types of threats, so you know what to expect of them and also how to recognize them. Learning to spot these applications for the danger they are before they enter your computer will always be your best defense against them. Removing and uninstalling them afterwards is just a waste of your time.

SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) – a brief introduction on how it operates

Adware of this type exists to create money for its creator. This is achieved through a monetization system of affiliates. Basically the creator of the Adware will try to spread it as much as possible. Every time an operator on an infected computer clicks on one of the links a small sum of money is paid to the owner behind SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy). In truth that is not all that different from how legal advertisements operate – at least in theory.

In practice SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) is much more invasive and very hard to get rid of. The Ads it creates are persistent and will show on nearly every page you visit; pop-ups will appear whenever you close or open a web page. There is no turn-off button. Only a complete removal of the Adware will stop this behavior.

The Ads created by this Adware are not merely annoying, they can also be very dangerous. Various scam sites and software companies prefer to advertise their fake products exclusively through programs such as SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy), precisely because very little quality control is maintained. This makes clicking the Ads and especially downloading/purchasing anything from them an incredibly bad idea. Often you’ll be bombarded with Ads that proclaim your PC has serious problems, that it is full of viruses or that It needs optimization. Don’t believe anything that comes in the form of an Add. If you are really experiencing some sort of technical difficulties with your machine search for qualified help (like you did by finding our site) before deciding on purchasing any software of dubious quality. Free offers are even worse – nearly always it is just parasitic software you’ll need it remove in addition to the Adware.

SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) – commonly used installation tricks

Most people infected with this Adware do not remember installing this program themselves. Windows may have many faults, but randomly installing foreign software is not one of them – unless some virus or Trojan horse is involved of course. Fortunately, it appears that SmartShoppy (Smart Shoppy) relies on a tried&tested traditional trick called program bundling.

  • A program bundle is basically the installer of one program that has several other programs added to it. Any user that choses to run this installer by using the Default or Quick installation option will also install all these added programs on his computer. Needless to say you’ll never get anything useful out of this deal. Program bundles should be avoided at all times and the best way to avoid getting infected in this way Is to always select the Advanced/Pro installation option. It takes only a couple of extra clicks to get the same result as default, but in the meantime you’ll be given a complete list of the components that are about to be installed. Remove any program that is not needed by the main program regardless of how useful it may seem on first sight.

Other methods in use may involve fraudulent online Ads, email attachment spam or fake (bot spammed) recommendations on forums, blogs or the like. Whatever the method used always pay attention when you are installing an executable file. Adware is mildly annoying, there are many other viruses in existence that are much more unforgiving.


Name SmartShoppy
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Remove SmartShoppy

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You can find the removal guide here.


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