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Smokyashan is an intrusive add-on for Mac browsers that is known to spam various advertisements on the screen during regular web browsing sessions.  Smokyashan typically tries to change the default browser settings and enforce on the end users its own, search engine, homepage and other unwanted components.


Smokyashan will try to redirect your searches

You have probably noticed a number of unauthorized “improvements” in the appearance of your Safari, Chrome, Firefox (or whichever is the browser that you are using as default) since Smokyashan has been enabled on your Mac computer. You have also started to experience some automatic redirects to sites that you have not intended to visit, as well as a stream of aggressive pop-up advertisements, banner messages and click-bait notifications during all of your web browsing sessions. You may find yourself being bombarded with numerous promotional messages that invite you to purchase some products, services or software on literally every web page that you visit. All these are typical consequences of the presence of applications such as Smokyashan, F.txt.js, Fraction Data  on your machine.

 The unwanted browser changes and the stream of ads that don’t want to get removed may initially look quite disturbing for anyone. And it is not bad to be cautious about anything unusual because, after all, there are plenty of viruses and malware (such as Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, Rootkits, etc.) that only wait for your negligence to complete their malicious agenda.

But, in your case, there is no need to panic because apps like Smokyashan aren’t actual viruses. These are browser hijacker applications that are commonly used for online promotion and site-redirects. The only thing that makes them unbearable is the aggressive online advertising approach which they often employ and the fact that they cannot be easily uninstalled from the system without some guidance. Users who end up with such software on their system may need the help of a removal tool or a manual removal guide (such as those that you can find below)to successfully detect and uninstall all the browser hijacker-related components and to prevent them from reinstalling themselves.

Smokyashan for Mac

Smokyashan for Mac is a browser hijacker that is specifically developed for the purpose of earning its developers income from clicks on paid web ads. Programs such as Smokyashan for Mac normally work on the basis of common pay-per – click s and pay-per – view remuneration models and constantly shower the users with different banners, pop-ups and paid page-redirect prompts.

One thing that creates a lot of irritation is that that you cannot remove a certain ad or a pop-up from your screen unless you click on it. And once you do so, you typically get redirected to pages full of more hard-to-remove ads (or some questionable offers) that literally prevent you from surfing the web normally.

What is Smokyashan?

Smokyashan is a browser hijacker that is not known to be harmful to a Mac computer. Yet, the presence of Smokyashan on the system may potentially lead to frequent redirects to random sites and exposure to questionable web materials that may contain viruses, Trojans, ransomware and other online threats.

Other system issues are also not uncommon. The background processes that hijackers like Smokyashan may run may sometimes influence the performance of your Mac computer. And that, in turn, may contribute to browser crashes and slowdowns.

The Smokyashan app

The Smokyashan app is a potentially unwanted app that commonly gets distributed through software bundling methods. In many cases, the Smokyashan app is attached as a free component to the setup package of some other attractive software.


Name Smokyashan
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Smokyashan from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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