Snarer “Virus”

This page aims to help you remove Snarer “Virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

A lot of reports have recently been received by our team regarding an adware program called Snarer “Virus”. According to the affected users, this program has managed to latch onto their Chrome, Firefox or Explorer browser and has made it display an uncontrollable amount of different ads, pop-ups, banners and sponsored messages. Here, we will explain how exactly this program manages to get inside your system and how it operates, how harmful it can be and, of course, how you can remove it without any special skills by just following the steps in the removal guide below.

The primary purpose of the adware

Generally speaking, any program, the main activity of which is related to the generation and distribution of advertising content on the users’ screen is usually regarded as advertising software or in short – adware. Having this said, Snarer “Virus” can be seen as such advertising software, which primary purpose is to display certain advertisements on your monitor. For that, it usually integrates with your browser and starts to generate different offers, pop-ups, banners, promotions or web pages, which aggressively prompt you to click on them. This aggressiveness has the potential to heavily interrupt one’s usual web browsing and may eventually end up as a serious browsing-related irritation and disturbance. What is more, in most of the cases, programs like Snarer “Virus” fail to provide some actual benefit for the users who have to endure its constant ad-generation, therefore, a lot of people consider such software rather useless and have no reason to keep it on their system. The people, who usually benefit from the adware are its developers, who implement it in aggressive ad-generating campaigns like Pay-Per-Click or sponsored impressions, which bring them profits every time users click on some of the displayed ads.

Problems that Snarer “Virus” may cause

For the users, who have to face a wall of ads every time they open their browser, the adware can be a real nuisance. This is the main reason for them to seek for options to remove it. On top of that, a program like Snarer “Virus” rarely can offer anything of value that can eventually compensate the eventual disturbance it may cause. Thanks to its invasive activity, the affected browser may start to crash or freeze or become unresponsive to your searches. The owners of the program may use it also as a good marketing research tool that can track your web activity, latest searches, browsing history and bookmarks. This way, they can collect some “traffic data” from you and use it to expose you to more of their ads, which are matching your interests. The problem is that if you don’t want to be part of it, you may not be able to stop or disable this data tracking activity unless you fully uninstall the adware from your system.

Does Snarer “Virus” pose a security risk for your system?

Nagging software like Snarer “Virus” which tends to interrupt your browsing and bombard you with ads can surely be alarming and there are a lot of people who mistake it for a nasty virus. However, the adware has no intention to cause serious system harm the way that a real computer virus would do. As we already said, its primary aim is to simply advertise, not to corrupt your PC. It is exactly opposite with the malicious pieces of software. Ransomware or a Trojan based virus, for example, will most probably affect not only your browser, but your whole system and the data found on it. The consequences of a threat of this type can be really harmful to your entire PC. Moreover, Ransomware, Trojans and all forms of malware are absolutely illegal pieces of software, while the adware is legally utilized according to the law. In fact, many online based businesses, software developers, marketers and vendors use it as an advertising tool and display their promotions directly on the users’ screen without posing any serious security risk. Still, the number of people, who prefer to uninstall the adware because of its aggressive advertising approach, is huge and despite not being malicious, this software is commonly referred to as unwanted. 

How to prevent adware?

Usually, adware gets inside the system thanks to the users’ negligence when they install a new software setup (which contains additionally bundled adware) on their computer. That’s, why, if you don’t want programs like Snarer “Virus” to take over your browser and bombard you with ads, you should be very careful not to let them get installed on your PC in the first place. Read the EULA before running any installer, especially if it is a free one, and always use the “Advanced” or “Custom” option to check the bundle for programs you may not want.


Name Snarer
Type  Adware
Detection Tool

Remove Snarer “Virus”

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