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Solo Process

Solo Process is an unwelcome ad-displaying application that seeks to “infect” the main browsers of Mac computers and to page-redirect their users. Solo Process is designed as a browser add-on but instead of helping you it will use your browser as a platform for its advertising agenda.

Solo Process

The Solo Process virus is on Mac

If you have noticed that this undesirable application has recently gotten attached to your browser, be sure to go through the whole article and then visit our removal guide to learn how to safely eliminate this app and restore the normal state of your browser.

Solo Process for Mac

Solo Process for Mac is a browser-hijacking app that targets Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and seeks to alter their homepages and search engines. The changes Solo Process for Mac makes in the browser ensure that the ads and the page-redirects would keep spamming the screen until the hijacker gets uninstalled.

Even though they are typically advertised and distributed as regular browser add-ons, the majority of browser hijacker apps don’t really benefit the user in any conceivable way and, furthermore, they don’t even give the user an option to stop their advertising and site-redirecting activities. This really leaves the user with only one option – to fully remove the invasive app along with all of the unwanted components that it has added to the affected browser.

The SoloProcess app

The SoloProcess app is an undesirable component for different Mac browsers that automatically installs in the main browser and changes its settings. The SoloProcess app can be encountered inside file bundles, spam e-mails, clickbait ads, torrent sites, and other similar locations.

The actions of this software tend to irritate and frustrate most of the users who come to experience their effects, but the fact that the presence of this app inside the browser is unpleasant is only half the problem.

The other half is the potentially unreliable and unsafe ads that may sometimes come from the hijacker. Even though the browser-hijacking app itself does not pose a serious direct threat to your computer, the quality of the ads it displays and the sites it redirect to could greatly vary, meaning that it is not beyond the realm of possibility to have your browser rerouted to some malware-infested site that distributes threats such as Ransomware, Trojan Horses, or Spyware.

What is Solo Process?

Solo Process is a type of advertising software component that can only operate as a part of browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. As soon as Solo Process gets installed, it takes over the browser and turns it into a tool for generation of ads and page-redirects.

The important thing to remember if you have this, or any other hijacker in your computer, is that you should avoid any of the advertising content it puts inside your browser and that you should make sure to uninstall the intrusive app as soon as possible. After you eliminate the hijacker, make sure to never download software from unverified sources and to never interact with anything on the Internet that you aren’t sure whether you can trust. Again, although the hijacker itself is not a damaging app, it may lead to close encounters with far more threatening kinds of software, including Trojans, Ransomware, Worms, and so on. 


Name Solo Process
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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You can find the removal guide here.

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