The Sppextcomobjhook.dll is a file that commonly gets installed in the system when users run different software crack tools and license activators intended to crack Windows OS versions and the MS Office Suite. Due to this reason, a lot of security software providers flag the Sppextcomobjhook.dll file as malware, mostly under the name of Tool_c.DV or Trojan Patched4_c.CHQT.

Sppextcomobjhook dll

Sppextcomobjhook.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file associated with Windows and MS Office crack tools.

Given the fundamentally unsafe nature of crack tools and the files and components they install on the system, it is impossible to say if these pieces of software are linked to cyber criminals or not. What is certain, however, is that these tools are used to bypass the license of usage of different legal software, which is actually illegal. Therefore, such programs and the files that are associated with them should be treated with the same care that we treat malware. This is especially valid for files such as Sppextcomobjhook.dll because, even after it has been terminated by the system’s security software, this file keeps getting detected after every computer restart.

In general, the Sppextcomobjhook.dll file is intended to trick Windows into believing that its license is valid. That’s why it is scheduled to run from the moment the computer is started. Unfortunately, since the file is registered as a service, its manual removal may not be possible. If users want to remove it successfully, they first will have to locate the service  associated with Sppextcomobjhook.dll, stop it, and then delete the file.

The users who are fine with the usage of cracked software and hacking tools that install files like Sppextcomobjhook.dll in their system should know that they expose themselves and their computer to serious safety risks. Various forms of malware (including Ransomware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Spyware, etc.) can secretly compromise their computer through the vulnerabilities that the hacking software and its associated files and components may create. And if such malicious programs enter, they can easily steal personal data, delete important files and exploit the system’s resources the way they want. Furthermore, it is illegal and punishable by law to use crack tools for bypassing software license and the people who do so could face the effects of heavy fines or even prison.For this reason we advise that you remove Sppextcomobjhook.dll and any hacking tools associated with it as soon as possible. You can do so by scanning your system with reliable security program of your choice.

In case that Sppextcomobjhook.dll has created a service that is running every time the computer is started, here is how to locate and stop that service:

  • Press Windows key +R
  • Type in services.msc and then press “Enter”
  • Locate the service related to the hacking tool
  • Right-click on it and select “Properties”
  • In the drop-down menu that opens under the Startup type select “Disabled”
  • Under Service status, choose “Stop”
  • Finally click OK

Once you complete these steps, scan your machine using anti-malware software in order to completely remove the Sppextcomobjhook.dll file.


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