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A new software piece named Spreediscount.com “Virus” that resembles a browser add-on has recently been reported to our “How to remove” team. This browser add-on can be considered as a Browser hijacker because it has the ability to modify certain settings in the users’ browser (such as homepage, search engine, new page tab) and automatically redirect the users to different promotional sites full of nagging ads and pop-ups. Normally, Spreediscount.com “Virus” is distributed with the help of different free download links, various free software bundles, torrents, shareware sites or freeware platforms and spam. That’s why, many users who download content from such sources may end up with this application on their computers because it usually gets installed by default along with the main application that comes in the software setup. Once in the system, the browser hijacker typically integrates into the default browser which could be Safari,Chrome, Firefox or another one and places its changes without asking for the users’ permission. Normally, such actions are not harmful and don’t pose any direct threats to your system. However, most of the security experts would advise you to uninstall applications like Spreediscount.com “Virus” from your system. We will tell you more about the reasons down below why it’s better to remove any hijackers from your machine, so stay with us to find out about more them. Furthermore, our team has prepared a Removal guide for Spreediscount.com “Virus” and a professional removal tool, both of which can help you deal with this annoying software and its changes in a risk-free manner. Yes, even though the Browser hijacker doesn’t have the malicious abilities of a Ransomware or a nasty Trojan horse, for example, some guidance is still needed to handle this software. For this reason, we encourage you to follow the instructions from this page carefully and clean your PC.

Your browser may get changed by Spreediscount.com “Virus” without your approval!

Altering the homepage or the default search engine of your browser is usually the first task that Spreediscount.com performs. This is a common practice which is normally related to an aggressive online advertising approach which tries to promote certain products, services or software and redirect the web users to certain sites and ads. Generally, the applications from the Browser hijacking type are nothing more than advertising tools and they are set to display as many ads, pop-ups and automatic page-redirects as possible in order to bring traffic and pay-per-click revenue to their partners. Luckily, their activities are more or less harmless and do not intend to corrupt anything in your system. They cannot hack your software or encrypt your data the way that a Trojan-based virus or a Ransomware infection could. That’s why, the security experts do not consider them as a serious danger.

Still, the presence of Spreediscount.com or similar software on your computer may lead to undesired exposure to various commercial messages, sudden browsing interruptions, unresponsiveness and automatic page redirects to different unfamiliar sites. The reliability of all this variety of content may not always be verified and because of that, clicking on everything which appears on your screen may not be a good idea. Thus, our recommendation is to uninstall the hijacker in order to stop its activities permanently. Tools, such as the professional Spreediscount.com removal software can help you with this task as well as the manual instructions in the Removal guide below.

How to correctly uninstall Spreediscount.com and prevent future browser hijacking?

Most unwanted browser extensions like Spreediscount.com can slip unnoticed into the system due to the users’ negligence. As we said at the beginning of this article, they usually get distributed as additional or optional components to other free applications and get installed along with them when the setup process completes. Fortunately, the setup process can be controlled and customized with the help of settings such as Advanced or Custom. That’s why, our advice is to always opt for these settings when you install some new application (especially if it is downloaded from some free source) and remove any potentially unwanted applications (Adware, Browser hijackers, browser add-ons, etc.) from the installation package settings.

If you skip this important step, you may need to uninstall them later with the help of professional software or removal instructions. Normally, it is not very easy to get rid of the hijackers because they tend to integrate their ad-generating components deep into the system and tend to reinstall themselves once they have been removed. That’s why, we suggest you use the tested instructions below and safely navigate to all the secret places in your system, where Spreediscount.com “Virus” may be hiding.


Name Spreediscount.com
Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Spreediscount.com Pop-up Ad Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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