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Study General

Study General is an aggressive site-promoting app that installs on Mac computers and gets attached to their browsers. Study General is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers and it can cause them to redirect you to sites that you don’t want to visit.

Study General

The Study General is on Mac.

The use of browser hijackers like this one for the promotion of sites and products that aren’t that popular is very common. In most cases, this doesn’t cause harm to the computer where the hijacker is installed. However, there are likely to be different unwanted and unauthorized changes in the browser’s settings that may make the user want to uninstall the hijacker. For example, you will likely see there is a new search engine tool in the browser that’s set as its default one and the same is likely to happen to the homepage address. For some users, these changes may initially seem like useful new additions that are supposed to improve the functionality of the browser. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that the purpose of those additions is different. Like everything else the hijacker does, the changes it introduces, too, are supposed to further push its advertising campaign and not help you in any meaningful way.

Study General for Mac

Study General for Mac is one of the latest additions to the browser hijacker software category – a type of advertising apps. Study General for Mac will start sending your browser to the sites of its sponsors as soon as it gets added to your browser.

Usually, you aren’t given any way of controlling the advertising activities of the unwanted app. You aren’t allowed to stop the ad-generation and you cannot do anything about the sudden page redirects for as long as the hijacker stays in the computer. The only thing you can do is remove the intrusive app, thus removing it from your browser and ending its ad generation on your Mac. However, doing this isn’t all that easy and you may need our help if you wish to get rid of this unwanted app.

What is Study General?

Study General is a site-advertising tool that attaches to the main browser and begins to automatically open the sites it is tasked with promoting. Study General can typically be found inside installation packages that allow it to get distributed alongside other more desirable programs.

The best precaution measure that would decrease the chances of getting such an app installed on your Mac again in the future is to only download new software from the App Store and to always make sure that the developers of the program you want to install are reliable.

The StudyGeneral app

The StudyGeneral app is an example of a browser-hijacking app for Safari that can force your browser to send your searches to unknown sites. The StudyGeneral app may potentially open sites that aren’t safe and expose you to viruses such as Trojans or Ransomware.

Because of this, even if the hijacker itself is far less problematic than real viruses, Trojan horses, or Ransomware threats, it is still important that you take the needed measures and uninstall this application at the earliest opportunity. 


Name Study General
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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